They were home free.

January 2, 2008
By Bardia Vaseghi, Basking Ridge, NJ

The trio of friends looked intriguingly over the horizon as the sun leisurely began to fall in its graceful pattern. A faint smile appeared on the face of Bardia, the youngest and most eager to gawk upon the stunning scenery, the other two fiddled with their environment, trifling repeatedly with the grass before turning to Bardia with a bored expression on their drooping faces.
“This is so boring! There’s got to be something we can do!” said Ethan with an exclamation abruptly jumped up with a burst of energy. The long column of trees before them caught Arya’s eye, their leaves bristled by the swift wind calling in.
“I got an idea, Ethan! Maybe we could explore those woods over there, I bet mom wouldn’t mind.” Yelled Arya, tapping his head in enthusiasm.
“I don’t think that’d be such a good idea…” questioned Bardia pursing his lips in discomfort. Though the two impatient boys were already on their way, Bardia chasing after them with a rather exasperated look upon his face. The children passed through hour-by-hour of trees, each unique in their own ways while the leaves crunched noisily beneath their mud-drenched feet. Bardia’s legs began to wobble in fatique as he grasped his arms tightly, a sharp breeze drifting in as the freighting cloak of night began to cover the sky with an array of dark colors.
“We should head back guys, it’s getting dark.” Bardia said, chattering uncontrollably between his words.
“Don’t be a wuss.” Said the two in unison before snickering among themselves and moving onwards. After hours of marching onwards, Bardia caught sight of a stray root placed before Ethan, his eyes widened with terrors as he gasped out the only words he could stutter.
“Watch out!” he watched as Ethan toppled over the out strung root and collided with the floor, his leg bending in ways thought unimaginable. The two brothers watched in disbelief as they gazed upon Ethan, his leg caught in the vast tanglement of the roots. Ethan attempted to raise himself yet again, but to no avail, he stumbled again back to the floor, groaning with agony. Bardia immediately leaped onto Ethan and examined his leg, it was sprained severely.
“We’ll get this fixed when we get home, Ethan you okay? Arya help me pick him up.”
Ethan began to stroll alongside Bardia and Arya, gentling placing his arms between their shoulders, they continued their walk until they stumbled upon a house, less than a half a mile away from their current position. Arya released an ear-splintering screech.
“I see a house! Look!”
Both boys immediately looked towards it’s direction and gave a sigh of relief. They were home free. They gradually made their way down the hill and kept their gape lingering upon the house and the residents that were presently playing outside with their children. After explaining the story to the men, they were more than happy to escort them to their home. They smiled and thanked the man after they had gotten out of the car, only to await an angry pair of parents. Yelling and scolding occurred, but after that, the whole family was happy to have everyone back in one piece. We all laughed over a hearty dinner, and Ethan received proper treatment on his leg. It turned out to be an okay night after all.

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