January 2, 2008
By Gabrielle Franceschelli, Attleboro, MA

Life gets sweeter on the weekends, a little bit richer with each hour we spend outdoors. I’m ready to enjoy, embrace and take on the greater, finer things in life, like laughter, music, fresh air, friendships, and all four at the same time. The best new way for me to diet, the coolest new clothes, or the sweetest talking shaggy-haired boys are no longer important. Their happiness is temporary, like the energy from caffeine and sugary foods.
They were all just the Hershey bars and Red Bull drinks to get through the cold months, filling voids. While shoe shopping did take my numb mind off him, I’m now relying on myself. I’m not lonely, only my heart is. I’m constantly surrounded with three best girl friends who I love more than I’ve ever loved any boy and they’re the greatest distractions. As for my heart, well it can wait, because it’s going to be with me forever. All that sugar’s not good for it, anyway.

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