Stand Strong

January 1, 2008
By Lindsay Saienni, Newark, DE

Is being insecure a crime? That we are so uncomfortable with ourselves we turn to anorexia and bulimia to fix the damage that is done by the whispers that intend to destroy our self-confidence. Our lives can be shattered by one comment, one mutter under someone’s breath that spreads into a wildfire of rumors. Being a teenager isn’t easy. Fifty years from now it won’t be easy. We are pressured; brought down by those around us. We are surrounded by judges, disguised as our peers. Yet we face them day after day, in defiance of being who we are and living life without insecurity, though it weighs down on our minds, tempting us to collapse. But we stand strong, proving to ourselves and to everyone else that we cannot be changed. But there are those who fall short, who give into the hands of fate and despair, clinging to the hope that things will get better, but knowing it will only get worse. And so in one last attempt at salvation for the suffering, I pray that one day life won’t have to be this hard for kids just trying to grow up. I pray that when we look into a mirror, we are proud of whom we see; that we don’t change ourselves to fit the demands of another person.
Stand strong.
Ignore the voices that batter and bruise your self-esteem.
Believe in yourself, because in the end it may be the only thing left to believe in.

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