a lovely morning indeed

January 24, 2008
It was a lovely morning indeed. Waking up from a good nights rest around 9:00 am. Not wanting to get out of from bed for it’s the best spot in the world at that time. Not able to wait another moment in bed with all the excitement building up, I tried to get up but couldn’t, in fact, I could move at all. Then my dream flashed back to me. I was wrestling with some kind of hairy, fuzzy creature, but it was mostly a giant fuzz, and I couldn’t make out what it was. I looked down to see what was keeping me from reaching my destination. I was tightly wrapped in a cocoon shaped barrier. I wiggled my self free and sprinted towards the bathroom. Just my luck, to have it occupied by an older sibling. “NO!” I thought. After contemplating on what to do, I got one of my blankets from my bed, and I rode it down the stairs.

Once I reached the bottom of that ever so fun ride, Mom asked me what I was doing. I replied with what I always reply to stupid questions. “What am I not doing, not having fun, that’s what I’m doing.” I gave a chuckle, I made it sound like you are stupid for asking that question, and not doing things for the heck of it. After I gave my chuckle, I ran to the bathroom. Once I was done, for some odd reason, I sneaked back to the stairs all quiet like. I call that my “Charlie’s Angels” way. Before I left the bathroom, I told my self that it would be a dangerous mission and I probably wouldn’t come out alive.

So I sneaked quickly and quietly, not trying to make any sounds, but failed miserably. I couldn’t help but laugh as I continued to make my way to the couch. I rolled over to the front door, where it would block me if someone were looking. I knew my mom saw me but I wanted to make her laugh. As I looked around the corner, I saw her in her chair, watching me watch her watching TV. I then said, “Operation Go in progress. GO! GO! GO!” So I ran from the corner, and dove on to the couch. “A mission done well, angel. Two missions in one. Good work,” I told myself. Before I could get comfortable, mom asked me if I wanted to go for a ride. “Yes, yes, YES!” I shouted. She told me to pipe down, and threw a pillow at me. She left me to go somewhere, but I didn’t pay attention to where. I started to fall asleep, when I woke up to her keys jingling in my ear. I got up with a blanket wrapped around me, and headed for the passenger’s side of the car.

I threw my sandals off, and covered myself with the blanket, and buckled myself in to the seat. We made our way to Westside. Mom made me go in. She gave me some money and told me to hurry up. Before I got to the door, I looked down at my clothes, well more like pajamas, and went in. I came out with two Mountain Dews. One was colder than the other, and I was sure to get it. I got back in the car. Stuck the blanket on, and we left. We traveled onward past Sunfield highway. We got to this fork in the rode. We turned left when mom slammed on the brakes.

We went backwards for about a quarter of a mile. She asked me if there were deer back by the woods. I didn’t have my glasses on because I didn’t have school. She asked me if I could see the deer. I told her, “ I can’t see, I don’t have my glasses on.” A few minutes later she asked how many there were. I replied the same. Then for the third time, she asked if she counted right. I replied the same. Then we waited, watching the deer. I started to get a little dizzy as I watched the deer move. It was rather a funny site. As they made their way to the road, they were constantly going in circles. My mom said, “Those are really smart deer. Running in circles and trying to trick the hunters.”
There ended up being twenty-three deer and we headed for home so we wouldn’t disturb the hunters. It took us what seemed like forever, but was only twenty minutes to get home. On the way home, we drove by the haunted cemetery. By the entrance there was something so horrifying, so terrible, and so disguising. It was a very dirty can. She made me get it. She had been collecting cans for when the new KFC and Taco Bell opens up.

We finally got home, and we had to leave again. This time we had to get my car an oil change. We made our way, in my go-cart sounding vehicle, to Vollman’s Ford. I felt a little strange because I have a Chevrolet car and this is a Ford dealership. I had to wait twenty minutes for my car to be done. In the mean time, I grabbed little kid books and read them to my mom. About forty minutes later, we headed towards home to a very angry sister. As usual, she made a fuss about nothing. We had to go for another ride, not that I minded.

As we were going for our ride, I was smart and brought a pillow and a blanket. I was really tired, so I slept in the backseat until we got home. Mom just drove around in whatever direction she felt like going. Kayla was pleased, and I was happy I got to sleep and not hear her fuss.

We were almost home, when I was suddenly awakened. My mom slammed on the brakes, and I flew off the backseat and smacked into the back of the front seats. I was trapped between the two seats, on the floor of the car, unable to move, and stuck on my side. I had no pillow for my head to rest on. “Mom,” I whined, “I’m stuck.” She looked behind her and she started to laugh. “Don’t worry Hun, we’ll be home in a few.” A few my butt, it was actually fifteen minutes later to be exact. Pain running up and down my body, my neck was getting sore, and my shoulder felt like it was broken. We finally got home, but my mom could never miss that hole in the driveway, that hurt so bad but I didn’t make a sound. I never show my pain when I get hurt, no matter what it is. Mom says that’s my dad’s blood in me.

As I was in a deep thought, I felt a little shot of coldness running down my side. Water. Kayla had poured some water down my back. She didn’t know what might become of her once I got free, and that’s why she did that. No one picks on me and gets away with it. As usual mom yells at Kayla when she picks on me. My ever so loving mother helped me out from my trapped position, and I charged inside where Kayla was. I was absolutely devastated when I saw her there, lying so comfortable, with my pillow and blanket, on my rightful spot on the couch. She started to call for mom. “No one to save you now! HA HA HA HA HA” I said as I charged at her. With all my might, I pounced on her, flying through the air, my hair blowing in the wind. BAM! I landed on Kayla, and I effortlessly shoved her off the couch. I laughed at her weakness. Then before I knew it, Kayla had pounced on me and I had her almost off the couch when mom said, “Kayla, let her sleep on the couch, she had it first.” “Yeah,” I agreed. Then she started to complain how spoiled I am, even though I always tell her she’s the one who spoils me. As she marched up stairs I yelled, “Evil will perish,” even though I was the evil one and she was the innocent one. Finally I could lay on the couch in peace.

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