Automobile Altercations

January 31, 2008
By Maximillion Finney, Faytetteville, GA

One day, I had an uncontrollable urge to play basketball. Basketball had been on my mind all day. So I did not make plans and cleared my schedule for the whole day. I got invited to go to the movies with some friends but still I said no. I was determined to play basketball. I wanted to play with my dad but he was not home at the time. I got my shirt, shorts, shoes, and other basketball equipment and headed outside. I walked outside to find that two cars were in the way of the basketball area of my driveway. There was the Nissan Armada and the Chrysler Pt Cruiser.
I went inside of the house to ask my mom if I could move the cars. When I walked inside I saw my mom in the kitchen watching television. “Mom, may I move the two cars in the driveway out of my basketball area?” I asked. “No, just stay inside tonight okay?” My mom said with no countenance. “But Mom, I really want to play basketball. Can I please just move the cars?” I whined. My mom looked at me, sighed, and then said “Okay Max, you can move the PT Cruiser, but your sister has to move the Armada.”
This was not the first time I had moved a car so I did not think that much of it.
I got the keys and walked outside to the car I was moving. I got in the car and turned it. The car was too close to the basketball goal, so I had to put the car in reverse in order to be able to pull it around the goal. My car started to slowly move backwards because I live on a hill. Forgetting that I was in reverse, I pressed on the “gas” peddle.

Before you know it, I was flying backwards. Being an inexperienced driver, I panicked! I was going forty-five miles per hour and was headed straight for the trees. “Oh my gosh, what am I doing?” I yelled. When I was panicking, my foot, somehow, could not find the “break” peddle. This was going to be the worst.

Bam! I drove straight into a tree. Fortunately I did not get in any harm but the car, on the other hand, had some horrific damage. The entire backlight was shattered into pieces, there were dents on the trunk, and the bumper was crooked. What am I going to do?” I asked myself worryingly. My sister saw the whole thing happened, so she ran inside to tell my mom. “Mom!” she yelled. “Max just crashed to PT Cruiser into a tree.”
My mom dropped her things and ran outside. “Max, what have you done?” she screamed. “Do you know how much this is going to cost us? Just wait until your dad finds out.” I walked back inside, went to my room, and sat there with complete silence.
What was going to happen to me?

Soon after, my dad came home. My mom had made me tell my dad what had happened. I told him the story and he was furious. He screamed, he yelled, and he shouted. “Max” he said. “I am very disappointed in you and your actions today. You are grounded until I tell you that you are off okay?” “Yes sir.” I said back ashamed. “I hope you have learned you lesson today son.” He said.

I did learn my lesson that day. It was like Babe Didrikson once said, “The formula for success is simple: practice and concentration then more practice and more concentration.” I learned not to rush into things, especially something as life taking as a car. I also learned to concentrate and be more focused on any task I am doing because in a car, you might just have an automobile altercation.

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