The Big Move

January 31, 2008
If someone was to ask me out of all the places in the world, where would you like to

move to, Fayetteville, Georgia will not come out of my mouth. I was always the kid saying “this

block is mine” or maybe “ I love the hood.” But early this summer is when the news was broken

to me that I was going to be leaving the only area where I know was home and that’s the College

Park/ Fairburn/ Union City area. I was practically in shock and so were all my neighbors. My

dream in life was to go to Creekside High School and play football for the Seminoles. That left

me with a facial expression of anger, but on the inside I was scared. I was scared knowing that I

I was moving to a mostly white community, when I had probably spoken to maybe three

Caucasians kids in my life time. Therefore, I was fearing that because I was naturally brought up

in life different from others that I wouldn’t be accepted.

About a week later, my oldest brother called Coach Mac. My brother was already close w

because my brother played for creekside back when Coach Mac coached there. My brother told

Coach Mac how he was interested in sending me and my older brother Jabar to WHS. Then,

Coach Mac said he was going to help us find a house hor us. We went weeks and weeks without

finding a house in the Whitewater school district. But, one day Coach Mac invited us to make a

tour around the school. Then, in the parking lot this man asked coach Mac does he know anyone

that needs a house because his wife is trying to sell it. Then my mom was like, “ME!” Then we

went to go and visit that house that they were talking about. Even though I didn’t want to move

I had to admit that the house was pretty nice. Then a couple months later I became a Fayetteville

resident. I learned that “ If you stay in one place for ever and never change you are in

your own prison” - unknown. To be honest I don’t love it hear because to me this it not my

home, but I have to admit it’s good for me to see the other parts of the world to know how

different and similar people can be. I learned a lot of lessons about life in my move to

Fayetteville. The most important thing I learned was that I will be judged accordingly to my

actions. Like, when I was involved in a fight I came back and people thought of me as some

thug looking for trouble. However, I am far from it. Even though I miss my old neighborhood

I know that this move will change my life forever.

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