My trip To Kentucky

February 4, 2008
By Colin Orlando, Mattawan, MI

“How are we doing back there” shouted dad?

“Fine” I replied. “Are we there yet?”

“No, not quite.” I was on my way to Kentucky on a family vacation. I was so excited to see all the sights of the Kentucky wilderness. We had to go through Ohio and Illinois. I loved to see all the states as we go through them. I looked out the window and I saw a sign that read,” Welcome to the fabulous state of Kentucky.”

“There it is” I shouted!

We all looked out the window in amazement. It was I that I thought it would be, and more. Only two hours away I thought. As we crossed the imaginary line they called a border it seemed different then all the other states. The vegetation was beautiful with a wide verity of trees. As I looked out the window I saw a lot of different license plates. This must be the place to be, I thought in my head. As I was staring out the window ,watching the cars glide by, and the wind whipping around the car, I noticed that we were turning. We went into a nice looking resort and they told us that we were in suite number 15. When we finally arrived at our condo, there were beautiful bathrooms, a white wall with markings on it, a cherry wood dresser, and extremely comfortable beds. It was about 93 degrees out and we were in long pants. After we changed we ate a great spaghetti dinner with garlic bread and juicy, green, salad. We played a family game and then went to bed.

The next day was my dad's birthday. It was October the 6th. We celebrated then went to the pool for a while. We were relaxing by the pool, and my, little brother and I were having a cannon ball contest. Over in the corner of the pool deck there was a boarded up little area and that is were we decided to start. My brother went first, he had a huge splash. I started to go when I felt slight pressure on my foot. I stopped and looked at it and saw that my foot was in a puddle of blood. My mom gave me the why-does-this-always-happen-to-me look and we were off to the hospital. I don't want stitches I thought. So there I was at the hospital. They fit us into a room right away. I was There waiting, waiting, waiting for the doctor to come in. When he finally came in he closely looked at it like a tiger watching its prey. He finally replied,” That I needed stitches.” I gasped, could this be the real deal ? I thought. As the long, pointy, silver needle came closer, and closer, I thought Don't be a baby take it like a man. I knew I was scared but this was what had to be done. It was as if time itself had slowed down. Coming to close for me to be in my comfort zone, with. I have to trust them I thought in my head. As the needle struck my delicate skin there was a pulsating feeling. It took three numbing shots to make sure that I didn't feel it. They only took three hours to stitch the whole thing up. On the way home I threw a bottle of water at my little brother's head. It hit him right where I wanted it to. I got in trouble for doing that. My brother asked me to get him a snack. I replied, You have two hands of your own, get it yourself.”

That's what did it. My dad exploded and I was sent to my room. During dinner we were talking as a family. There was a big storm outside. We were talking about what happens if a fire starts. At that moment a lightning bolt struck our condo. It starts a fire and we all ran to the car. My neighbors were outside, too. We went and told the front desk and they gave us a new one for the night.

When we woke up the next day my mom said she had had enough excitement for a while and was ready to pack up and go home. We all took part in packing like some sort of ritual. We all where done packing and ready to leave. Cutting our vacation short by a few days bummed me out, but I knew mom had enough for one vacation. We ate a fabulous break fast and then hopped in the car.

As we were pulling out of the beautiful resort I still wished to stay longer, but I knew there was nothing that I could do. We were Michigan bound. As we crossed the imaginary line I took one last look at the Kentucky vegetation and asked are we there yet?

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