Away With The Piano

August 28, 2008
My heart keeps pounding menacingly while the small child concluded his melodic song of "Row Row Row the Boat" on the piano.I kept flipping through my sheet music trying to engrave the notes in my mind."You're going to do fine," my father assured me in my ear. I nodded in agreement not fully believing it. With one flat c and missed note later the little boy stopped and stood to bow.
My teacher walked up to the front of the small church auditorium."Now we have next Candace," she smiled at me.The crowd of parents,people's siblings,and friends applauded as I walked up to my doom.I sat upon the rickety bench and graced the slick piano keys with my hands.
With one look to my anticipating audience and a deep breath, I let the music bleed out my fingers onto the keys.My fingers danced upon the piano having a mission to not miss a note.I swayed to the slow,mysterious melody.The music filled me to every nook and cranny in my body. It's adagio notes grasped my heart.
I closed my eyes still going at the piano.A sense of calmness and peacefulness trickled down my tense muscles.With a flowing movement of my hand, I ended my song. I opened my eyes to find people on their feet corrupted in applause.I stood, still in shock and awe,and bowed.

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