The Tower of Terror...Literally!

August 28, 2008
SMASH! The elevator door had slammed shut. I knew, I should I have never
entered the line of this dreadful ride. My friends wanted me to go so bad
and I knew, I would hate it! I hated drops and the ride’s name made me
quiver. The 'Tower of Terror' was going to kill me! My friends dragged me
into the spider web covered archway, and I had no choice but to saunter
along in the line. The people running the ride were too in character,
and when I say “too in character”, I mean they were glaring at me with
deadly life sucking eyes and spoke to me with malicious speech. I wanted
to run right there and then, even if I had to fight my way through every
zombie impersonator. I felt someone grab me and my bones shook with
fright. One of those creepy workers was forcing me into a large room with
skeleton heads and voodoo dolls.
My friends were laughing at my girlish screaming, but what was a guy to
do? I was a goner and there was no way out of this wretched nightmare.
FLASH! Lightning sparked. CRACK! Thunder roared. Up ahead, I saw the
elevator doors close again. A caught a glimpse of a little boy in the
front row, his skin crawling. We were almost at the front of the line. The
eerie background music wasn’t making things any better. My stomach was in
my throat, my heart was thudding a million miles a minute, and the hair on
the back of my neck was erect. I never really understood that expression,
but at that moment I figured it out. I was frantically looking around for
any exits. There weren’t any escape routes. I was done for; no escape from
my death.

We were now entering the over sized elevator. There were three rows of
seats cut into six sections. I said a prayer as I buckled my safety belt.
What was the point of safety if we were all going to die anyway? These
people around me were excited for the ride, and I was trembling. My hands
were shaking and an unfamiliar aura was lingering around in the enclosed
area. The ride buzzed to life as the lights shut out. BOOM! The elevator
shaft burst into a speedy accent. Pictures of ghosts, lighting, and
stormy weather flashed before everyone’s eyes. Why were these people

Suddenly, the elevator jerked to a stop and we were all motionless. A
window opened to show the entire park. I saw Monster’s Inc. straight
across from me. Why couldn’t we have gone on that? BAM! The window
shattered and down we dropped for ten years. My stomach was jumbling
around inside my body. I tried to scream, but my throat was all choked
up. I was dead! I was most definitely-positively-no-doubt-about-it dead!

Finally, the ride was over. I scrambled out of the elevator and out into
the sunshine. I wasn’t dead? I was alive! A smile flashed across my face.
That wasn’t so bad. I actually kind of enjoyed it. Even though I wanted
to run for dear life, I made it through and came out unhurt. I was glad I
went on the ride. Hey Tower of Terror! Consider yourself conquered!

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