N.J.R.O.T.C and Me

August 27, 2008
By Cassandra LeAnn Chalmers, Greenville, OH

I’ve finally given in. Since last year I’ve wanted to be part of Greenville High School’s N.J.R.O.T.C program. I joined this semester in hopes of actually grasping some knowledge about navel science. N.J.R.O.T.C stands for Navel Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps. No, this does not mean I’m joining the Navy. It just means that this little girl decided to suck it up and get a taste of what it’s like to be in uniform.

The class so far is nice. The atmosphere is welcoming and my teacher, PN1 is great. He is easy to get along with and likes to play around when the time is right. He likes to make the class fun with relating our lives to the program. In my eyes it’s more like a family than a class.

If you ever get to read the Field Manuel there’s a lot that N.J.R.O.T.C. teaches. Team work is something that students need to know how to do in order to function in the class. The class gives kids a chance to learn to work with a group. Maybe that’s what kids need, a little guidance and push to show they can help one another out.

This program teaches kids appearance is important. Every Thursday, all cadets must wear their uniforms, which are provided for them. The uniform is NOT something you can just throw on. It must be ironed and everything must be in its place ( J-Bar, ribbons, name plate, etc.). The Field Manuel tells cadets the measurements that items are to be placed and how the uniform is to be handled and cared for. Cadets must have a tidy appearance. The female cadets’ hair must be pulled back or pinned from their face. Any unusual piercings must be removed. The male cadets must have hair that is not in their face or touches their collar. All cadets must have properly shined shoes and debris-free uniforms. (Lint rollers come in handy!)

Another thing N.J.R.O.T.C teaches you is to take responsibility for yourself. The program shows teens to be responsible for themselves and their actions. When in uniform, everything you do reflects on the program, so that makes you accountable to your superiors. That means if your actions are negative (fighting while in uniform for example) for N.J.R.O.T.C you can be punished by PN1 or Captain.

N.J.R.O.T.C teaches kids to respect those around you. Last week we read about something called tact. It would be disrespectful to go up to a student that’s new to the program and is wearing their uniform incorrectly ( J-Bar, ribbons, name plate, etc.) then tell them their uniform is wrong. This is embarrassing to the cadet. To fix the problem, an example of tact would be pulling the person aside and telling them. N.J.R.O.T.C also shows cadets to respect authority. When the bell rings the class is called to attention when PN1 or Captain walks into the room. After that, the authority in the room says “seats” . They then proceed to take attendance. When the cadets name is called you must say “Here, PN1”. This shows cadets to address the authority when being spoken to.

N.J.R.O.T.C is a fantastic program for students. It shows them things like integrity and loyalty to ones school, program, and fellow cadets. It really is a fun thing for kids to get into and be a part of.

If you find this interesting and think you may like this… Join N.J.R.O.T.C.

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