A New Pen

August 27, 2008
By Aman Basra, Delta, British Columbia, ZZ

Never settle for what the ink states. Cross the permanent and re-write your own words. Re-script what is supposed to be. Alter the permanent to your needs. Erase what's not desired or white-out its existence; the written can be re-written as forever isn't always its intended meaning.

The child is given dark coloured food but they can always reach of the sugary stuff. Adidas said so, so go and learn it; the concept of impossible ceases to exist. A pre-made plan doesn't have to followed. Tune out the doubtful voices and cross paths to the unknown. Turn and create your own direction.

Life seems to be pre-determined. Self-input is vacant in all aspects. Everything's done before one's eyes ready to be executed. It's the easy ticket what this ink states but sorry I'll pass. Here I go on my own crossing out the written. Now I am the new creator-the new ink.

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