I’m tired!

October 31, 2007
By Jessica Siguenza, Danbury, CT

Today I arrive to school 2 hours late. I went to sleep really late and woke up 20 minutes after the time my bus comes. I was mad because I missed it and then I had to call people so I can get a ride. I didn’t get a ride till 9: 30. I arrived at ace at 9: 45. I don’t know why I came to school because now all I want to do is go back to bed. That’ all I have been doing since I got to school actually. I can’t concentrate. I just be out of it in my own world.

See It all started yesterday I left my job at 9:45 pm. I didn’t go straight home I went to my friends house because they was having a welcome back party for her brother. He had just got back from the marines. When I got their her family were all dancing and having fun. My friend was in the living room with her little cousin’s watching a movie. I joined them and got all into the movie. The movie wasn’t over till 2 am. After that we ate and then everybody left. I stayed 10 minutes after. When I got home my dad was kind of mad but he knew about it so there wasn’t much he can say.

My conclusion is that never again will I party on school night. I learned my lesson. That way I won’t wake up late for class. I also won’t be sleeping in class. That way I can pay attention in class and participate. Also next time if anything I will stay out the latest is midnight that way my dad won’t be mad at me.

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