teen love

June 22, 2008
By adessa collier, Bpt, CT

his love made me feel crazy ...i called him my
baby i thought our relationship was gonna last
but...that was just "maybe"...he ran he hid, i
complained i cried and still i wonder why?our
relationship was so strong but yet at times i did
feel something was so wrong...thoughts run through
my mind all the time ... s*** it feels as if i've
commited a crime the pain i feel makes me never
wonna love again,beause the whole in my heart is
tearing me apart...but do i still have things to
learn or is it that he was young and the only
thing he knew how to do was move his tongue and
body and hold me tightly...i still yet have 2 find
out because right now its all just a black out...i
try 2 take my mind off him and get on my grnd but
he just wont go away...every1z saying dont take
him bac thatz wat he looking 4 u 2 do but all i
can say is that he was my 1st love all though he
made me hurt...i thought we had true love not all
dat bulls*** bout puppy love ... i alwayz ask
myself this questions aand this time i wonder was
our love just a lesson 2 me not 2 hurt me but to
guide me or was it it to mislead me n/s still have
some thingz yet to figure out like [ wat LOVE
is .... ♥

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This article has 1 comment.

alex94 said...
on Sep. 30 2008 at 12:38 am
Hey girl....i know how you feel. It's good to hear about someone who has felt the same way.


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