The Downfall of the Two Evilest Men!

May 9, 2008
Oh history many want to know why we have to learn and why we have to study our history. Well I will tell you why, because the greatest country in history have dead and gone into debt because they taught they could rule Russia but they were so wrong that just trying to rule Russia that they last their men and even themselfs. The three best nations in Europe lost the weath and power just because the want to be greed and take something that is not theirs. These countries were France,Germany, and also Mongolia, but the many ones are mostly France and Germany. Many may wonder is that why there is no longer a king or queen in France well that is a little piece of the problem. Because Napoleon taught that his army was safe in Moscow but the people of Moscow had already burned down their homes and their farms, so he taught his army was safe in Moscow, but he was so wrong. Napoleon didn't know about the Russia winter. Is that funny that the to men that wanted to take over Russia didn't know how the history or the size of Russia or the Russian winter like Napoleon Hilter taught his nazis was safe he was wrong. Hilter never know that the Russian winter could freeze his men. Hilter was not a brave man at all because if you can kill all those harm less people for no reason,and the part that gets to me is that he was not man enough to get kill by the Americans,the Russians, and all the other people he kill. Hilter only kill people because he says he wasn't treated right well, as people say all-well ends well.

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Rubakhin said...
Aug. 28, 2008 at 5:17 pm
Well, I suppose all I can really say is that the intent to educate is there. I like that you are trying to convince people that history is important, but the message is obscured by multiple off-topic ramblings and some pretty awful grammar. One thing that helps me with my writing is having a friend, family member, or even a teacher read through a bit of writing, and given advice or criticism.
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