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May 7, 2008
I woke up to find my brother yelling at me "wake up! We have to go. They have twelve."
"What? Twelve of what?" "WIIS!"
"Dude awesome! Ivan we have to go get one. Do you have your money?" "Yeah, the way that they have been selling we should go get one right now. I'll go tell mom while you get ready."
Soon after, we walked outside to the car and started driving. The closer we got to Wal-Mart the faster my heart started pounding. "I’m finally gonna get my Wii I have been looking for one for so long". When we finally arrived at Wal-Mart I ran to the electronics and there they were in the game case shiny brand new Wii's just siting there waiting for me to buy them. "Can I get someone to open the game cases please".
"Ok". Says the cashier and takes the keys out of his pocket and walks over to me and says what can I get you?"
The Wii please and a Wiimote and Nunchuk please, I say as I’m waiting for my mom and my brother to catch up with me. I watch quietly as the glass slides open and at that precise moment I swear I could here angels singing as he picked up my Wii and said let me get you the controllers. Soon after my mom and my brother catch up to help me pay. "Did you get everything already Ivan says?" "Yup I say." I hear the cashier say, "should I go ahead and ring this up." "Yeah I say as I pull a oh so sweet hundred dollar bill out of my wallet and hand it to the cashier. BEEP Nintendo Wii two hundred sixty four dollars and eighty-six cents" I read on the tiny monitor. "Well I paid my part I say to Ivan and Mom. They hand the cashier their money and with a have a nice day we were off. I have waited so long and Finally the Wii was mine, all mine! Well it was Ivan's too but finally mine all mine buwahahahaha!....HA!....hmmmm. But still my mission was not yet over. For this crazy adventure that has ultimately led up to the obtainment of my Wii left me thirsty and the only thing that could satisfy that thirst was Wii sports!

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cassatt17 said...
Sept. 3, 2008 at 10:25 pm
great suspense - I kept hoping they would have enough money - and they did!
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