A Rebel

April 21, 2008
A rebel. Haha, very funny. so just because i have long dark hair , baggy pant, and a skateboard, im automaticallly a criminal. here this bigh shop guy comes, walks up to me, and tells me that i cant skat on his sidewalk. i mean, who does this guy think he is? its ssummertime, so of course im going to be skateboarding. what does he want me to do? wait for winter. year right, that woudnt work. "whta are you thinking about Kobe?" asked my best freind taylor. i guess maybe he could tell that i was thinking pretty hard about the whole situation. last year, the same shop owner had pushed taylor off his bike, and he broke an arm. i knew he would be against me "rebelling" against this guy.
"what is thi guy playing at? its not like he owns the sidewalk. just the shop. tell you what, i am going skateboarding down h is sidewalk anyways. he cant tell me what to do!" i yelled. i kind of lost control, and puunched the brick wall it felt like i had broken something, and i swear that i could hear a crack.
"man whatever." taylor was totally un-phased by my behavior. "do whatcha gotta do. i'll be there with you." taylor and me grabbed our skateboards and started walking toward sidewalk. as soon as we got in sight of the shop, my stomach turned, my throat felt like it got tight, and i clenched my fists so hard that i could feel my finger nails digging into the palm of my hands. it smelled of ffast food. i grabbed my skateboard without waiting for taylor.
the sun was in my eyes, but i didnt care. i didnt even tak the time to stop and think about what i was doing. i started skatboarding down the sidewalk, and i couldnt see anything. stupid sun, i thought. i could hear someone yelling. i tried to loook around, but i still couldnt see. my eyes started tearing up, and i was getting scared. i tried to spin around, and fell. next thing i knew i was on the ground, my head slammed on the concrete, i could see my blood staining the white sidewalk. all i could hear was sirens, and the sound of a man's vice. the vgue scent of metal wafted to my nose.
"you see kid? this is why i didnt want you skating on my sidewaklk." i still dont like him.

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