The Reality of Valentine's Day

February 12, 2013
Every year it's the same. Unrealistic expectations and high hopes. And then reality comes in, raining on your parade with disappointment and, well, reality. You think it's going to be like all the movies. Let me just tell you: Valentine's Day is a romantic comedy starring TWO Taylors. My life is not a romantic comedy, nor does it star two Taylors. Let's be real, Hollywood.

I'm not asking for Hollywood, I'd just like to meet a cute, sweet, romantic boy that does cheesy stuff for me like buy me a giant pink stuffed teddy bear that's bigger than my pet Great Dane. A cute, sweet, romantic boy who will sit down with me and watch whatever dorky chick flick I want...HA! Oh, who are we kidding? I hate chick flicks. I just want to watch The Avengers and The Hunger Games (not by myself, preferably). Is that really too much to ask? Millions of teenagers went to see both of those movies in theatres, and a large majority of them were male. WHERE ARE THEY ALL NOW?

So here comes Valentine's Day once again. And I'll be here. Sitting on my couch...eating myself...again. You know what? I don't even care anymore! Valentine's Day is a commercialized holiday created to boost Hallmark card sales. I don't like romance anyway. Romance is for chumps. It never lasts anyway. Just ask Taylor Swift. And Adele. And any other popular artist who has made millions by complaining about the guys they've dumped. Sounds legit.


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