Steady Success

August 25, 2008
By Aman Basra, Delta, British Columbia, ZZ

One step at a time; an infant movement of high regard. An analogy for attaining success at a slower pace. One foot at a time, one step at a time, one movement at a time-the top of the staircase will soon be in sight. If ever distraction occurs and some emotion halts the movement, additional support is to the right. Nearly futile yet always present, the banister stands permanently implanted on the wall for emergency precautions. No dogmatic speed means alternative plans shouldn't be known; even at below speed crashes can occur. Another matter to be considered is the number of steps. One after another in a visually overwhelming sequence. It's true it can appear daunting. It's natural for second thoughts to happen now but remember this; more the movement results in shorter distance thus fewer steps. So don't crave into the doubtful voice. Shove and suppress it. Keep going regardless of the pace. Remember the end will appear. Know the stairs shorten in number. Be aware that fear vanishes with just an infant movement. Go one step at a time and find belief comes with each.

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