Ten Dead

August 25, 2008
My best bud is Sammy. She moved in down the road in 3rd grade she was eight and so was I. The first time I saw her she was on a bright pink Barbie scooter and she was trying to ride in her rocky drive way. I had my other friend Daniel with me, we were both on electric scooters that I got for Christmas. When i saw her I turned around the black top and came her way. She saw me coming and struggled to push her scooter up her driveway. We talked for about 5 min. the conversation was mainly about scooters. She had said how she wanted a scooter like mine so it would be easier to ride. I said “would you like to come play” I was trying to use my manners. But she couldn’t go out of her yard so I left. I don’t exactly remember how we got more involved in each others life. But we did. We would hang out all the time. Since we are both wild it never got boring, and when I say wild I mean wild. We became a little I repeat a little calmer over the years.

We got into some fights. Hey, who doesn’t. All friends get into fights, It just means they need some time apart. But, they never last long. The longest one was only two days. And the shortest one was when we played again right after we stopped yelling. (we yelled a lot.) The weird part is that we don’t really apologize we will just get board and play with each other again like nothing ever happen in they first place though we both know something did. Our friendship is weird. And, hey, I guess weird people make weird friendships. At least we’re friends.

Sammy lives in a little yellow house with a basement and a carport. The basement is were she keeps her rabbit, Bob. The laundry room, play room, and the storage room is also down there. We only go down there to feed or play with bob but of course lots of times we brought Bob upstairs. Not a lot though because he poops all over the place. We don’t play in the play room because it’s really cold down there and it floods every time it rains so everything is wet. I live in a small blue house with no basement but, it has half of a second floor. By half I don’t mean it’s short because its really tall but it’s only wide enough for a bed room and a bathroom. Because of the half part my house looks lopsided. But I thinks that really cool and I like it the way it is.

Sammy and I are really wild like I said in the first paragraph. Sometimes we are so hyper that everyone is afraid to get near us, but we are usually not like that anymore. We have nicknames for each other. She calls me bob and I call her dude. It is really fun calling each other bob and dude. Sometimes it tricks people and gets them really confused . Its kind of funny how confused people will get.

Even though we like seeing people confused sometimes because it's funny we also help people and we are not as bad as you think.

we do believe in and love god. There is nothing better than him. At least that is what I think (I also think you should too). We go to church pretty much every chance we get but, very seldomly we don’t go. It’s unpredictable when we are not going to show up. Most the time when we don't go it's because we are busy. Every once in a while we don't feel like going or just don't fell good but like i said that barley ever happens.

Sammy has a little sister named Cassandra and, a little brother named David Jr. But we usually just call him Jr. Cassandra was five and Jr. was one when we meat. We hardly ever play with them. Jr. always hugs me every single time i walk in the door and doesn't want to let go. I am always afraid that I'll hurt him if i pull him off so Sammy usually tells him he will get in trouble if he doesn't let go so he does. Just to prove how much he likes me, one time he came to my house and told my mom he had to merry me and to make me come out. My mom suer did have crack out of that and likes to tell everyone about it.

But this story is really isn't about just our friendship though it has allot to do with it is is actually about Ten Dead. Ten Dead is a spirit (or a ghost whatever you prefer to call it) that started to haunt us when we were ten. (Cassandra was seven and Jr was three.) It started when we had the same dream. Well… it wasn’t actually the same dream. She didn’t see anything. Just heard noises. Her dream was just a whole bunch of noises like screams and hollers for help and the repeated whispering in the background of Ten Dead, Ten Dead. And my dream had no noise just pictures. The scariest, most gruesome pictures I had ever seen. We told each other about it the next day. The noises had matched with the pictures. I spent the rest of the day and that night at Sammy’s house. All night we repeatedly heard ten-dead. Ten-dead. But it was really soft, like a whisper you here in scary movies allot.

We didn’t know were it was coming from. So we asked her brother, sister, and parents. Her brother and sister didn't know what we were talking about and her parents said that your imaginations we just running wild and that it was nothing or maybe we heard the wind and got scared. We were trying to come up with possible solutions when Sammy told me about this light in her basement that caused bad luck when it was out. Bad luck Like when you break a mirror or spill some salt. But, why would a light bulb cause bad luck. I mean it's not like the was an evil spirit in it. Or was there? Na, i mean who has ever heard of a haunted light bulb? Not me.

But, maybe, That was it, just maybe Ten Dead might have some how been well I guess basically living in a light bulb. But that makes no sense. We’ve have to go down there and check it out. So we ran down the wobbly wooden stairs and stepped onto the cold cement based floor. Sammy turned around the corner and ran towards the light. I was frightened of what could happen. I took of and ran after her with my heels scraping on the bumpy floor every step I took. When I caught up with Sammy she was standing there waiting for me. She asked slowly while she was panting “now what do we do?” I turned my head and stared up at the light “I don't know maybe we should just stand under it” I was also panting. Sammy turned around to face me. I could tell She was scared and I could also tell she knew that I was scared.

So we made up our minds and together we stepped under the light. Once under the light there was now turning back and we both new that. I was under the light standing there, waiting to see if something going to happen. And something did. I got dizzy and everything started spinning till I saw a girl about my age just flash right in front of me and then disappear. I fell on my knees because I felt so dizzy. I came out of the trance or whatever I had been in and stood up. I started to run but then stopped and turned around to see Sammy leaning against the wall holding onto the washer for dear life. I almost fell again when I saw the fear in her eyes. She looked like she had been crying. But when i asked she said she hadn't.

I tried to make my voice sound calm and caring as I spoke “what happen, are you ok” she sniffed because she had a cold and said in almost a whisper “I felt pain” That was all she said so I was really curious because all that happen to me was I got dizzy and saw a girl “what do you mean pain, like what kind of pain” she gave me a look like she just smelt something really bad (she got that look from me) “I don't really know. It was just like a stinging pain throughout my whole body but it only lasted for not even a minute... so what happen to you? I saw you fall.” I tried to sound really grown up because this was a serious situation “I got really dizzy and saw a girl, I fell because of how dizzy I was” Sammy turned her head my way but wasn't looking at me “a girl?” I opened my mouth to answer but then Sammy's mom hollered “girls it's getting late, Lacee will have to go home soon, make sure she has all her stuff.”

We went back up stairs. We grabbed our dolls. (We found them in Sammy's basement.) Not just any dolls though, dolls that looked like us. One of them had dark curly hair with tan skin and brown eyes and the other had long red hair with very pal skin and green eyes. Plus my doll even had allot of freckles like me. The dolls had the same hair color, eye color and skin color of us.(that's kind of scary if you ask me) We went in to the bathroom, grabbed the brushes and brushed there hair then sat them on the toilet next to each other. They looked really pretty so we decided to take a picture of them with shammy's new camera that she just got. Sammy said the camera was down stairs so we went to get it. We were looking all over for it and then we finally found it. The camera was under the light!

But I really wanted to take a picture and Sammy really wanted to use her new camera. It couldn’t hurt to run under it and get it. Sammy said that she would do it and ran under the light started to grab the camera but then she stopped. She turned around and stared at me. Then with out saying anything she sat down cross legged and did nothing, Just sat there. She didn't even blink. I needed to get her so I went under to get her and the same thing happen to me. What was going on? I knew what was happening but for some reason I couldn’t stop it. Then I turned around right next to Sammy and sat down. It felt as if some one was holding me down. Or was it something? I went into another trance and I saw a women with a knife! I saw the women's back. She had long red hair. And beside the woman was a baby. I could tell right away that The baby was Sammy! But who was the woman? Could it be me with the long red hair? I didn't think so because i would have to be way older than Sammy to be the women. But the trance was like a dream and anything could happen.

The woman turned around to face the baby. It was definitely me! She looked at the baby disgusted at the baby and slowly raised the Knife in the air and brought it back down right into Sammy’s chest! The baby’s mouth opened wide but nothing came out. Then I feel backward, and hit my head but I was Free, free from whatever was holding me down.(which I'm still trying to figure out what that was.) I looked over and saw Sammy was still sitting and staring at me. “Hello?” I said wondering if she was still hipmatized.

She wasn’t hipmatized, but she was very frightened. “what happen” I asked wondering if she saw the same thing I saw. she stood up and looked around me like she saw something and said “I saw nothing for a long time I just couldn't move then heard a scream or a cry and awoke with a thud when I... well I didn't really fall, I got pushed.” I looked up already knowing what the scream had been. “I was stabbing you so you screamed.” Sammy brought her head back so her chin squished up against her neck and gave me an are-you-crazy look so I had to explain to her what happen. And how I was a grown women and she was just an innocent baby. And how no one else was there to stop me or hear her cry.

We decided to forget and grabbed the camera then ran upstairs to take the picture of them. Once we got in the bathroom the dolls weren’t in the position we left them in! They weren't even on the toilet. Both the dolls were on the ground and my doll was on top of hers with her hand up in the air. The hand wasn't even straight any more. It had curled into a fist like it was holding something. When we lowered the hand it hit Sammy’s doll in the chest! Exactly where I hit Sammy in my vision. I couldn't believe it! The spirit a gotten into the dolls. We immediately picked the dolls up and took them in the bedroom without even taking the picture because there hair had gotten messed up.

I took the doll that looked like me home that night because we thought that maybe if the dolls were not together ten dead would not come. But, In the morning when I Awoke she wasn’t there, The doll was gone! I couldn't even go to Sammy's house because I had school. At school everything came in groups of ten. How to multiply tens, how many kids in the groups we were doing, there was even ten random dots on the back of my bus seat. After school I went to Sammy’s house right away and when i was there I found out my doll was there to.

I grabbed my doll and Sammy grabbed hers and we raced down stairs Because we wanted to play with Bob. Plus we also had to feed him even though he didn't seem hungry.

We played with Bob for a while and then went back upstairs but left our dolls down stairs sitting on a shelf next to Jr's little plastic sword. We messed around outside for a while then went back inside. When we got down stairs Sammy’s doll was tipped over and the head was on my dolls lap. In my doll’s hand there was the sword! Freaked out we grabbed the dolls and went back up stairs. We played with the dolls while the sat them on the table trying to forget what happen down stairs.

When it was time for me to leave we found the dolls on the floor once again mine tackling hers. I didn’t take my doll with me that night. We both had scary dreams again that were about spirits, ghost, and killing. And as you most likely know i only saw the picture and Sammy heard creepy noises. All day at school the next day I repeatedly heard ten-dead, ten-dead. I was ten years old. But, I knew I wasn’t going to die any time soon.

I didn’t play with Sammy that day but, it didn’t stop the ten dead spirit coming at night. While I was playing with my other friends I heard ten-dead the whole time and no one else did. They all thought i was crazy. Then i night i don't really no what i saw. It was all a blurry but i do know there was me, Sammy, and on other girl, i think it was the girl i saw in Sammy's basement.

The next day when I went to Sammy’s house we discussed it. That’s when I told her someone was murdered in her basement. But the one who got murdered was a boy and ten dead sounded like a girl. But what about the person who did the murdering? I think it was a girl or a women I'm not sure. I said to Sammy “She finally cleared all the people out of the house and then you moved in. But if that was the reason then I don’t get why she would be after me too.”

We decided to try to forget about it so, We went out side to play. Once we were out side we started running. There was a cold feeling chill up my back spine. I had a feeling some one or something was following me. Then I saw a little girl it looked like she was standing in front of me. The same girl i saw in my vision when i got really dizzy! She had light brown hair very pal skin, brown eyes, and a little bit of freckles around her nose.

I told Sammy what I saw and she said “it sounds like the combination of the two dolls”. So we got the dolls together. But we were very scared. As soon as we got the dolls together I had another vision. It was of my grandma for some reason. My grandma had been dead for two years by then. Nothing really happen. I just saw my grandma then every thing went black.

The next day when we were walking down the rode Sammy stopped in front of a house and just stared into the yard and I heard whispering and crying. I don't know why but that time I heard the noises and Sammy saw the pictures That is the only time it happen, don't ask me why because I don't know Sammy saw a funeral. Ten dead was standing off to the side crying and the girl in the open casket that looked like it was made of polished oak wood was well looked like she was about five. We were guessing it to be Ten deads little sister but never found out.

It has been two years since that happened. Both of us say we didn't believe anymore even though we still have visions every once in a while and talk about them, in privacy of corse. I’m not sure if Sammy does or not. It happen to her personly so I think she does believe. I was looking through the Bible one day. I knew it said something about evil spirits. I had read the whole bible before. Yes the Bible talked about evil spirit’s a lot.

They have to be real. They are real. But why would one want to haunt me and Sammy. There are a lot thing unsolved. I still have visions every once in a while. The last one I had was of Sammy as a grown up. She was covered in blood. And was holding a knife and had an evil smile on her face but when she opened her mouth nothing came out. I wonder if Sammy heard anything and is just too afraid too admit it.

While I was looking through the bible I also found some news papers shoved in it. All of the papers were of people dieing. There was also dead roses pressed in the page. Ten dead roses. and because of that I started to think. What if ten dead isn’t evil? Some how I had a feeling. Not just any feeling. But A feeling I would know for the rest of my life. Now any thing a see that has to do with evil spirits or the bible I read.

I will solve this some how the pieces all fit together somehow. I’m just not putting them in the right order.

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