(my baby) Scooter

August 22, 2008
I know it may sound weird, and some may not agree with me but my dog saved my life. No he did not rescue me from a burning apartment, or wake me up when a burgalar was in my house, or attack someone that was aout to kil me. He taught me things, and showed me what true love is. He showed me it didnt have to be physical, and you didnt have to show it all the time, but that its the bond between two things, or people or whatever. That its when you look at that thing or person and say to yourself you need them and would do anything for them. Scooter taught me alot, and I truly beleive that from whatever source, maybe God, maybe Buddah, he was my angel. when i was little I wanted to fit in and be popular verry badly. I didnt have friends, and always just was a loner, but wanted to fit in more than anything. Years went by and the kids would never really except me, and I came to be depressed. I thought everyone hated me, and I'll never be good for anything. What really hit me hard was when my grandfather died. I was verry close to him and left it up to him every day to understand my problems. When he died everyone in my family got into a huge fight that tore us apart. My mother became addicted, and my grandmother whom i lived with was forever heartbroken. Then my uncle Bruce moved in. Bruce drank and smoked marujuana. He brought his friends that hated me over all the time to MY house and screamed at me constantly. The whole neighborhood allready thought I was a spoiled brat by then, and didnt like me, but for Bruce that wasnt enough. He made my whole family blame me for everything. He always told me it was my fault for my granpas death. My mom lived up in canadohta lake with her two kids, and boyfriend Tom, he had relatives in Indiana. So for my twelth birthday I told my grandmother i wanted a dog and she agreed. My aunt Debbie who liked me at the time said she would sell me a puppy for 100 dollars. I picked a puppy out and was extatic about when I could bring it home. So that day i was walking home from school and noticed something unusual, my aunt debbies car wasnt there and neither was the puppy but instead my mom, her boyfriend, bruce, and my grandma were standing on my porch waiting for me. I walked up and they told me to look under the chair. I did and there he was the little brown and white chihuahua that would become my world. I chose him over the puppy and immediatley fell in love with him. Scooter was my life, my breath and my eerything. Right after I got him I got friends and everything seemed to get better. I talked to him and told him my problems, and he listened. Pretty soon I could almost hear him talk back. My uncle threatend him a few times and hurt him, but I told him I WOULD kill him if he ever touched my baby again and he listened. Scooter was and is my everything. Now I am 14 and am writing a book about this with me my verry close friends and of course scooter. Its called Oh No The Fairies are back and i hope to have it published. Ive got big dreams and am close to my grandmother, and mom. I have realized fitting in is worthless and am a tiedie loving, outspoken, dork.I love and live and like life and its all thanks to one person, animal, thing, whatever you want to call him. Its all because of (my baby) Scooter

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