One Person, 2 Lives

February 6, 2013
By Anonymous

Life isn’t as easy as a little kid would say it is. Now that I think of it, my life seemed so popular back then compared to now. I’ve been in situations that not every kid would be in. I’m just that sweet girl that is always there for my friends. Got that smile on my face like everything is “Ok”. I have told my best friends my deepest secrets, my thoughts, my family, and even my decisions. Honestly, I don’t think one of them actually knows what it’s meant to feel this way. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve heard terrible tragedies in families, but mine isn’t the same.
   I’m just going to start from the beginning. Moved here in 09. Went to a private school down the street. Was probably one of the interesting decisions I made that year. It was fun in all, but doing the same thing every single day just came to the end of it. I mean who would want to wash other peoples clothing? Do the dishes? Even go down the road shopping with your teacher, with that snotty kid that always acted like she knew exactly how to pop the right size of gum? I used to wake up with a twisted stomach, and walk to school with it. My teacher on the other hand had this accent that so hard to understand. I used to ask her five, six, maybe even seven times to repeat what she had to say. But, I was always the one who would do exactly what she wanted you to do, well by watching her point fingers. It was hard leaving because it felt like I was blaming everything on her. But, I couldn’t spend my last years until high school only worried about how my teacher speaks and, making sure that I did/do the right thing. It was finally time to move on and make the right decision.
   Six months have flew by, after I walked into that dirty mouse trap. My landing was at the public elementary echool. I’d have to say that I actually felt like a puzzle piece has resumed in my life. I was so happy that my hands weren’t covered in detergent, dust, and those fake friends anymore. Having a teacher with a full class got me thinking again. The problem with that was the amount of eyes that came to my attention. Others would actually stare right at me like I’m supposed to do stop, drop, and roll. But most of the time I would just stare back like there’s a problem with them. Now this teacher I had was so kind hearted. But the thing with teachers like that, is when they talk to you like you don’t know anything. Especially with the high pitch voice they carry out with the bundle words. But hey! At least they care.

So now I’m in middle school. Okay, it’s been awhile now sense I attended Elementary School in third grade. Awhile? My apologies, six years! My attitude, looks, and style has changed sense then. I became really close friends with some of the non popular kids. Yeah, you heard me right. The “non popular”. I’m perfectly okay with that too. Sometimes I think, what if I started out hanging with the “popular group”? Would I spend my weekends at the mall showing off my new short shorts? Who knows? Most of all I’m glad I don’t have a back stabber in my hands. Couldn’t go wrong with that. I have a lot of more freedom these days too. As in, I have more responsibility. Were my parents trust me now. Ugh, I have figured out that this isn’t the beginning of anything yet. Have a whole life to plan out! Wonder what thats going to turn into.

I think we better cut to the chase now. So you know when I told you in the beginning were I said that my life is different than others? Well no one believes me. My friend’s say that we all have problems. I agree! Would never say that we don’t. “Because no ones perfect.” Mine is a different situation. I don’t think I ever heard one similar to mine compared to the world. But maybe in the same format? Some people want to have that simple and, easy life like in movies. Sometime thats not how it turns out in the end. At home it’s really different. I have that urge to run away and, stay at a friends place sometimes. Obviously I can’t. Your porably wondering why would I do such a thing? The past six years sense I moved here, changed a whole lot. Something that I’d never think would come to mind. It’s just to bad, because it’s already decided. And it’s not going to change either. I don’t want to blurt it out and, have everyone saying, “It’s ok Laura. It happeneds. It’s life”. Literally that’s what someone would say to my face. Sad part is it’s already been said, my parents have said it themselves. When I think about it I feel relieved in a way. Is that supposed to happen? Am I supposed to be glad that there will be an end? I don’t get it. In the very beginning you find you “true love”. Then what do you know. The back stabbing occurs. This whole time is it true or not? I pause, and think every once in a while about my friends family. She’s gone through it three times. Couldn’t even imagine how hard it would be. That’s okay. Because I’m going to go through the same situation sooner, or later.

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