Just make a wish, and everything comes true.

August 13, 2008
Under the shade of the willow trees, with their dragging moss, I sat in rocking chairs with my parents. The last rays of summer trickled from the sky, coating us with warmth. We sipped tart lemonade from champagne glasses; I listened to my parents talk. My mom, now standing in a slightly slouchy position, talked to my dad, who still remained peaceful, in that rocker, eyes closed, absorbing my mother's words. I blinked and looked into retrospection at them back 20 years ago as newly weds. Right before my eyes, Mom's wrinkles unraveled themselves from her skin, her curly hair grew longer. My Father's glasses faded away and blonder hair sprouted immediately. Their positions remained the same; my mom slouched over, and my dad deeply caught in thought. Then, I blinked again, and my world roared back into reality. My parents were just as I left them. This small moment of time travel allowed me to see my parents as real people. 20 years earlier; they were the same as they are now. Only now they have more wisdom, confidence, and character. Leaning back in that white rocking chair, I sipped my lemonade and smiled. I knew that that moment of glancing the past would never reoccur, but I was so satisfied, that it almost didn't matter.

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