January 25, 2013
We get life just once.Nobody knows if concepts like reincarnation and after-life are true.Obviously,we can't die to experience what happens and then come back to life.So,live your life.Cherish it and celebrate your existence.Loads of people go into their shells due to too much of depression and frustration.Life is not supposed to be so hard.We don't need to be so ambitious so as to attain any goal.If a person stretches himself mentally like a rubber band,he is sure to break down at some point.Little things can have really disastrous consequences and your hard-core attitude to conquer these little things can take away the joy out of your life just in a matter of minutes.Don't be so hard on yourself.It results in suicidal tendencies.It is said that people who don't succeed in dying while committing suicide immediately feel lot of reasons to live.This makes it sadder to think about those who succeed.Look around you.There are friends who need you.Parents who love you more than anything.Guys,we have lots of reasons to live our life.So enjoy as much as you can.Hardships might seem like a little hurdle if you are really happy.Life is a gift.Don't lose it.Its too precious for words.Just enjoy,cherish and celebrate your existence.Your existence in this world is a pretty huge reason to be happy.

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