Dear Corey

August 24, 2008
By Kat Marrinan, Hyde Park, NY

Dear Corey,

When I was a freshman and you were a senior, I don’t think we realized how much our friendship would eventually mean to us. Well, at least to me. And quite frankly, we became friends under the most unusual of circumstances.

Peer Counseling was nothing like I thought it would be. At all. I went there to learn problem solving techniques. I just had no idea the problems I’d be solving would be my own. It’s amazing how much you’re willing to tell people as long as they’re willing to listen. Now that’s what the club taught me. I was going through a rough time, and I needed someone to not only listen, but also to understand. And somehow, the small group of us was able to come to similar understandings.

I barely knew any of you, and within two meetings you already knew I was moderately depressed, in therapy, on medication, and desperately lonely. And you knew why I felt this way, that I’d lost somebody I loved when it could have been prevented. This is stuff that took me years to tell certain people, but I was comfortable telling complete strangers simply because I knew they’d listen and wouldn’t tell anybody outside the group. I think you knew that the group would turn into group therapy, and I think that’s why you started it. Either way, after listening to me drone on for a year about how miserable I was, you still liked me and chose to not only be a fellow peer counseling member, but also to be my friend and confidant outside of the group.

But that was just the beginning. I said good bye when you graduated and we barely exchanged conversation for the first few months of you being in college and me still being in high school. They were two different worlds, and we were in two different parts of our lives.

Then one day I needed someone to talk to. I was overwhelmed with homework and teen angst, and I had run out of friends to talk to. None of them seemed to understand. That was when I came across your email address. Just like old times, I started a new message and told you everything. And I pressed send without any doubt in my mind that you’d care. I’m glad I did because I got a message back from you. Yes, you cared, and yes, you totally understood the things I was talking about. You understood me! You were able to reassure me that everything would be all right. It was a good feeling.

I saw you for the first time in months not long after, and we must have hugged for at least three minutes straight. That poor guy you brought with you looked so awkward. He was quite cute, by the way. I asked how you were doing, but the first thing that you asked was, “Are you better since the last email?” You looked genuinely concerned. But I assured you that I was fine, and I really was. It was so great to see you.

Since then I continue to email you about anything and everything, and you reply with emails just as long. What I have with you is special, different than anything I’ve ever had with anyone. You’re like and older sister to me, and I do look up to you more than you know. No pressure. I’m glad I met you, and I believe a thank you is long due. So, Corey, simply put, thank you for being my friend.

Love Always,


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