40 ounces of soul

August 24, 2008
By meaghan mahoney, Shirley, NY

Pour me out in the open. You’re lost in 40 ounces. It’s sad that you bottle up your soul. See I’ve seen that you have let yourself go. It’s not the first time I seen this happen. See not long ago you would have been me. Only shielding me from the ways you have so suddenly known. I don’t see the difference now , honestly it’s the saddest thing in the world. I know you are slowly letting go , but fortunately for you I had whisper’s of follower’s echoing in my ear. They tell me you’re worth it , they tell me you’ll persevere. You better keep those voices in you’re prayers since there the only reason I remain there. So let’s start out slow , one foot after the other, we can move up from here if you just stay behind me. Watch me , go the way that I go , I look back and when my head comes to face behind me I hope I see you. Right there behind me , since god know’s I don’t want you gone as well as the past has gone.

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