January 21, 2013
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many years ago. to be correct, hundreds of years. no thousands, millions of billions of trillions of years ago. there was nothing. A blank sheet. Then suddenly...the world began to design itself. And with it, it designed you. You’re a star. Your fingerprints making a type of map to guide the world. Your eyes made to shine on the bleakest and coldest day. Your voice, made to shout and sing and laugh. You are a perfect creation of the heavens. But sadly you don't see yourself that way. You don't see yourself as a star. You don't see yourself as a piece of the sky. You don't think you’re important. Let me tell you something though. You are important. You’re important to me, to everybody! So don't feel scared. Be happy that you’re a star. Our only piece of star to shine our way. You bathe us in your star shine!

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