My Exciting International Trip

January 21, 2013
My trip started from the Milwaukee then to Chicago, then onto London, and lastly Beirut Lebanon, The plane we had to take from Chicago to London was an overnight flight. It was hard because the plane was full with loud kids. The chairs were comfortable but not as comfortable as my bed. They supplied us with pillows and blankets, and food, ir helped but not the same at home. The pillows, blankets, and food were not all that special, but I didn’t mind it, because they put my favorite movie in. Later on in the flight it started getting dark, it was cool to watch the sunset and later on the sunrise, while in a airplane. Landing in the London airport in the morning was great fun. The London airport was a huge international airport, bigger than Milwaukee’s. We arrived in London in the morning, and because of jetlag I, had to stay up. We get to my aunt’s house; it was great to see my family that I didn’t see for five years. After breakfast on to streets of London for tour. First stop was Hyde Park, and then on to the castle to see the changing of the guards. We visited a English pub for fish and chips. Not the same chips as in the United states. Now onto the double Decker buses for the tour of the city. First stop was the tour of London, jewels in abundance, and pictures with the guards. Next was Big Ben which is the biggest clock I have ever seen and is in the world. Now onto the boats to ride on the tames river, for a stop at Greenwich England where measurement and time was established. My aunt took us through a world wind tour of London in just three days. Then on the plane again to Beirut Lebanon. This was a first trip for I and my brother, and 16 years for my father to return to his home and family. The trip from London to Lebanon was not as long even though there was a time change. This plane ride was only about 4 hours long. The atmosphere of this plane ride was different because of the different languages everyone spoke. Arabic was the main language. The two others would be French and then lastly English. Already we needed to be introduced to the Arabic food on the flight. Landing at the airport was different, this time because everyone spoke a different language and the Lebanon airport was smaller than and not as international as London’s, although everything and everyone spoke in Arabic. Thank god my dad was there. Into the car onward to grandma’s house. The drive to get there was about a hour. Wow the streets were crazy, traffic was busy, all cars honking their horns, and there was no speed limit. The country is so beautiful, with the mountains and the Mediterranean sea. There is even a McDonalds in the larger cities. The roads would wind through the mountains with a 10,000 feet elevation. We finally arrive in the village where my family and friends are waiting. I felt great and was really excited to see each and every one of them. We were so exhausted from the world wind tour of London to the flight of Lebanon. The weather was so warm and the mountains were so beautiful. We only had 10 days to visit and there was so much to see and do. The next day we went to the beach, it was very exciting for us because we were about to go and swim in the Mediterranean sea. The salt water was warm, no sea weed, crystal clear, but there were jelly fish. The jelly fish were in the water but never hurt us, yet I saw the locals scooping the jelly fish up and either setting them on the rocks or throwing them against the rocks. My favorite part while at the beach would probably be the part when my brother and I went diving off the cliffs into the Mediterranean. The next day we took a drive to the Cedars of Lebanon. The trees were huge and the bases were big enough for people to walk through them. A lot of local people were selling trinkets made from the Cedars. The next day we drove up to the mountain tops, and by surprise we discovered a small church, that monks prayed and lived at. We were so high up we were above the clouds. The time just went so fast it was hard to believe we had to board the plane back to Milwaukee. The first flight was Lebanon to London and needed to sleep in the airport because of flight changes. Finally after 5 hours of airport sleeping, we get to board our plane and go back to Milwaukee. Which was a additional 10 hour flight. We land in Milwaukee back home after experiencing all the international travel and excitement of visiting my family and friends. I miss them already and want to go back now.

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