Get Me Out of Here

May 13, 2008
By Starr Sampson, MAnsura, LA

I've been living with my parents for sixteen years. So many rules to follow, so many chores to do, and so many reasons to want to leave. Don't get me wrong they are good parents, but it is time for this little eagle to spread her wings and just be on her own. I am ready to explore the world and consume more knowledge about life. I can see myself in the future. My own house, my own car, and a good job;I just want to be independent. I know people say the world is hard and it is nothing to play with, but I am ready for it. The question is, Is the world ready for me? I sit in my room some days bored, lonely, and lost. At times I wish I were a bird soaring high, spreading my wings wide, and just being free. But through all of this there is one thing that comes to mind, "Get Me Out of Here" and just let little old me be free.I do understand that it takes time and I am willing to wait, but when that day comes I will be so happy because I will be free indeedand most of all I will be OUTTA THERE...

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