Their Bark Is Worse Than Their Bite

January 17, 2013
By Mrs.Khalifa BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Mrs.Khalifa BRONZE, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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Based on a true story, meet Sadie, she was a pit bull that got severely abused. She came into Elaine’s life on a Saturday, when a young boy rescued her took her to her home and asked her to take care of her. Sadie was extremely dehydrated, starved, and was supposedly beaten with a metal pipe. She was so ill that she couldn't lift her hind leg up off the ground by herself. Elaine tried to make her feel at home, so she made her a crate and trimmed her overgrown nails, to make it easier to walk. Since Sadie, she was so hungry she had eaten some kind of dead and putrid animal, and ended up vomiting most of the night.

Elaine took her to a vet monday, it turned out that Sadie had a very severe case of heartworms. Elaine couldn't keep Sadie because of all the animals she already had. So she took Sadie to the Humane Society and continued to pay for heartworm treatments hoping she would get adopted. Sadie loved to explore, but one week she refused to eat and refused to drink water. One Thursday night, after 2 weeks in the Humane Society, they decided to end her suffering and put her down.

What if this was your dog?

About 500 animals die every day from animal abuse, so that means that about 182,500 animals die yearly. On ,It’s estimated that almost 200 pit bulls are killed every day in Los Angeles County, because there isn't enough homes for them. Pit bulls are one of the most misunderstood breed of dog in America. Pit bulls weren’t made to be aggressive, they were made to be a farm and herding dog. But in the 21st century they are now one of the most feared breed of dog ever.

Since pit bulls have such a bad reputation, not a lot of people look at their good qualities. They are commonly used as therapy and search and rescue dogs. Pit Bulls serve as narcotic and bomb sniffing dogs. One Pit Bull, Popsicle (named that because he was found in an old freezer) has the largest recorded single drug find in Texas history. The pit bull was the mascot not only for World War 1 but for World War 2 as well.

There are many pit bull rescues all over the world, but the two most popular ones in America are the villalobos and shorty’s rescue. You may know these names from Pit Boss and Pit Bulls And Parolees on Animal Planet. The Villalobos is all about second chances, they take in
over 150 pit bulls a year. They care for them and try to find them all homes. If you want to find out more got to their website .

Overall, Pit bulls are just like any other breed of dog. They are very misunderstood, and have a bad reputation. How many people have seen those sad and really long Humane Society commercials? Some of us cry, some of us switch the channel because we just can't sit there and watch it, and some of us mute it and walk into the kitchen to get a snack. Its a sad, sad truth that happens to dogs everywhere, abuse , abandonment, and hurt. But it happens most to pit bulls because they are misunderstood, in Denver they have a pit bull ban. So again. What if this was your dog?

The author's comments:
Since I was a kid i have always wanted a pit bull as a dog, but my paren'ts always thought they were bad dogs. They aren't bad just misunderstood.

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