The Best of Both Worlds

April 14, 2008
I was raised in the south so its only rigt for me to write about my favorite down south place and thats Atlanta,Georgia.Atlanta is so exciting.If you like the city life and the country life you will love atlanta because its best of both worlds.It has the city buses and trains but at the same time it still have that country feeling.It especially have that great down south home country food. yum.. yum..Its also as trendy on the fashion tip as New York and L.A. Atlanta is a very great place to start your career in the Entertainment business. We have alot of actors/actresses,models,singers,rappers, and sport players that come from Atlanta who had very little and became very rich and famous. Atlanta is what i call a super star city.The party scene in Atlanta is crazy.Its a smaller version of the Miami club scene.Atlanta is very known for all the great dances. When it comes to that they all unite as one and it really puts down south on the map.Its getting to were people just dont say New York, L.A. or miami are great places to be at.They also add Atlanta on the list for the best vacation or places to live.I absolutly love Atlanta.Its a very special plave to be at.Everyone has that one place that they love dearly.Of course mines and alot other people is Atlanta,Georgia.I hope everyone who reads this will want to visit Atlanta and see the great city for themselves

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