Spring Break: Students Bring Out Their Beach Towels and Their PJs

April 11, 2008
By Samantha Sardinia, North Miami Beach, FL

For most, this will be the best Spring Break ever, filled with flying to exotic places, skiing in the West, and going on family vacations. For the others, it may be just another boring break with doing as little as possible (except for the occasional reach for the remote). Of course, many students would ideally like to be going skiing in Vermont, snorkeling in Mexico, or relaxing on the beaches of the Caribbean, but that is not always an option. Junior Jack L. has stated that his ideal Spring Break activity would be to go ‘skiing, but [he is] actually staying at home to get [his] wisdom teeth [pulled] out.’ Freshman Lilian H. said, “I would like to go skydiving in a volcano on an island in the Pacific, but I [also] want to go skiing which is what I’m doing.”

Colleges are also on the mind of almost every Junior and Senior at Miami Country Day School. Jennifer K., class of 2008, talked about what she will be doing during Spring Break: “I'll probably be visiting colleges, but if not I’ll just stay in Miami. Ideally I would like to stay in Miami and go to the beach and play tennis every day.”
With Spring Break just around the corner, students should be prepared for either a long break of boredom or college seeking, but for the lucky ones, a break of luxury and paradise. But for the most part, as … said, try to “gain back some serious sleep debt.” (stay safe?) Have fun!

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