First Day of High School

April 9, 2008
By mike pettit, Havertown, PA

Get up, Get up my alarm clock was hollering at me to get up. On September 4th around 6:30am I rose from my comfortable bed to get ready for my first day of high school. As I sadly got dressed I put on my clothes, which I placed out the night before because it was picture day. I ever so stealthy crept down the stairs so; I wouldn’t wake my little brother who would be a cranky old lady. I entered the bathroom which didn’t smell to good so I went to the one downstairs. I brushed my teeth, hair and washed my face and hands, etc. I exited the bathroom and went into the kitchen where I saw my mom cooking a delightful, delicious, delectable breakfast. It was a Bacon cheese sandwich on an English muffin which is the most enjoyable meal in the universe. As I sat down to devour this magnificent meal, I slightly glanced down in which my eyes caught a Wawa card that had ten dollars. I could use any day after school since I walk home that way. After I finished I put on my brand new shoes and headed out to the car before I took a back to school year picture. As I was in the car with my mom and two brothers; Matt and Max I thought how enjoyable summer was. Suddenly, it hit me, it was my first day of High school, I was so nervous. I was at the high school and it looked intimidating. I left the car, waved goodbye and headed in school, I had so many butterflies in my stomach. I strolled with my brothers into school and searched for my homeroom number 202.
As I was searching for my homeroom by myself I saw a lot of people depressed but happy to see their friends. I entered my homeroom and I was the second person there, the first person was Rebecca N., a girl that I meet in sixth grade. We chatted about our summer but, for a majority of the time I set there is sadness and disbelief that summer was over. As more kids began to enter the room I recognized some faces like Cameron King and Caleb Christian. At approximately 7:30am when everyone was seated Mrs. Amato our homeroom teacher handed out our schedules and, I didn’t know anyone in my class except my brothers. Also, we all went around the room and said a little stuff about ourselves. After that the environment was dead silent, you could hear a pin drop. Everyone was slugged on the desk wishing they were in bed right now. The room smelled like donuts because Mrs. Amato brought them in for us to eat. The homeroom took up about three hours. During that time we meet Mr. Siegermen a funny guy, we were in his room since we didn’t have a homeroom. We also went down to take our pictures where the line would take centuries to get in front. I saw some of my friends like Jimmy W. and Jimmy S. I took my picture and headed back to homeroom where I waited to go to first block science class.
On my way to science class I got lost and it was right around the corner, I asked a girl and she helped me. I was very excited to meet my teacher Mr. Scholtz who was entertaining and likable. In room 255 I saw my brothers and Vince P. who was in my seventh grade classes. We went over our course, expectation and supplies that were needed and twenty five minutes later I went to second block class in room 139 with Mrs. Garrett for Latin. My walk down was easy since it was getting a little easier to find my way around. In second block we got our books, went over course, expectations and supplies as well. My brother Matt and Jimmy S. were in that class. The bell rang and I was on my way to room 134 as I thought with Mrs. McCarty. I entered that room and discovered it was Personal finance and I got scared so I asked a teacher there and it was Ms McCarty so we walked up together to room 252. She asked me a lot of questions on the way. We went over the supplies, expectation and course. In the room was my brother Matt and Vince P. but, mostly upperclassman. I went to lunch with Vince and Matt in the east commons where we sat with Jimmy W., Kevin W. and James W. After lunch I headed to Social studies where the same kids from science class were there except two kids. The teacher was Ms G. who was a very amazing, amiable, amusing teacher. In her class we went over course, supplies and expectations. School ended at exactly 2:22 and was ecstatic
Finally school was over; I quickly scurried home so I could relax. I walked home with my brothers and Kelsey H., who lives right around the block from me. I arrived home where I live around Sacred Heart. When I arrived home I gave my mom everything for her to sign and talked to her and said everything that happened over the course of the day. After that I washed my hand because the school is very dirty. I then got some of my supplies out of a cabinet that I bought over the summer to be sort of prepared. Then I swiftly went up to my room and relaxed until dinner. After dinner I watched some television with my family and got a shower to get ready for bed. I went to bed about 10:00 after getting prepared for the next day.

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