Jungle Love

January 14, 2013
By TheMysteriousElfie GOLD, Cleveland, Ohio
TheMysteriousElfie GOLD, Cleveland, Ohio
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That simple bump. That's all it took.

There I was, carrying the books that I wish I could destroy upon my own hands. Why did I have to carry them? Well, heh, it's state law. But when in the hell am I going to learn about the Law of Cosines later in life? Ay me, I don't know. Just four more years in this new place, and then I'm gone. But alas, I got the freshman blues. I can never win can I? Nope, but hey, it can be okay if I truly wanted it to...

This place is too big. It's also too smelly, almost like an Olympic athlete's sock. Do they really expect me to deal through this? Everybody looks funny too, it's almost like a jungle. You've got your tigers - the kids that can kill you in one punch; your tropical birds - the kids who are all up in your business and peck at you until you give them what they want. Classic example from the experience I had last period with these pests: lunch money! You also got your peacocks - hell, I don't even know if there are peacocks in the jungle, but those types of kids sure love to show off. You know, how peacocks love to show off their "beautiful" feathers? These kids like to show off skin... In fact too much of it. Makes me sick just even trying to type that for the world to see. Anyway, everybody in this school was an animal of some sort, and what was I? The animals' hunter? I was most definitely against these wild packs. I mean, look at that puny little freshman in her band t-shirt in which band NOBODY can even recognize. Don't believe me? Ever heard of the Grand Magnolias? Yeah, I knew that you would say no. Now look, I take good care of myself. I shower, wash my face, the usual teenage ritual that parents force upon for good hygiene. I'm just different, that's all. I don't belong with these people, but unfortunately I have to be in the same atmosphere as them. Just me against the pride lands of wild mammals.

Now why are these books in my hands again? Oh yeah, I have to get to a new class. My mind finally snaps out of it, and so I continue my journey to Room 105. The bell rings loudly like a shrill scream, and of course I am late. There goes my first good impression on a brand new teacher!I rush to class. I just can't take it anymore, some place this is! I can't take this long, forsaken, fiery pit of Hel-

"Oh, I'm sorry!"

"No, it's fine, really! I-" Oooh, I like what I see.

He stares at me as I stare long and hard right back. He finally speaks, "Um, heh, anyway, I'm Paul..."

I shake his hand. "M-Mae..." I probably sounded like an idiot saying my name to him.

He laughs and exposes beautiful, pearly teeth. "You like the Grand Mags?"

"Oh, they're my favorite..."

He smiles at me as I blush and look away often. We stand together in the hallway, letting the other animals prance in the hallways to get to class. No longer am I alone.

No more do I have to hunt for love.

The author's comments:
This is just something straight out of the imagination! Enjoy :)

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