August 20, 2008
oh my god.
pick up the phone,
please pick up the phone.
no anwer.
I would have fallen flat on the floor with a cardiac arrest.Even the striking of the clock now sent shudders down my spine.Then came a text message "I'm down"
In haste,I couldnt find the icecream,picked up a pack of Lindt and tip-toed across the hall.One last peek at my watch and the eerie silence,reassured me.
Stuck a slipper into the door,to avoid the use of the key that I tightly clutched.Slipped out,thats it,I was out.Snuck out at half past two.
A huge wave of thoughts flushed my mind,but remembering that my friend must be answering a questionaire bu the watchman,i decided to nick a look at them.
It was unusually smooth,he parked his car and the watchman escorted him to the lobby.My heart was beating fast enough to cause an explosion,we ran up the stairs.
Coincidentially,the terrace was open.Clanked open the latch and,it started raining. This,would have normally been romantic:Rain,two teenagers of the opposite sex and
2 in the morning.However,this case was slightly different.
It was two teenagers,one completely freaked out and the other hysterically laughing.That one hour involved a photo session minus the flash because there was a possiblity
that people may think a UFO was attacking because of the bright light and wake up.A trek up the tank and an instantaneuos rappel down,as we came to realize our fear of heights.
"champagne supernova" flooded the air,at a decibel only bats could hear.
Walked down the stairs at 3:15,knowing completely that if anyone saw us,they would fill in their own happenings in the situation.
A bye and another text messge
" I love you my biffle"
Well,my first experience of breaking rules,being impulsive,and living in the moment.
My first experience of tasting raindrops.

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