the night of the 15 cockroaches

It was half past eleven.I had my dinner and was going to wash my hands.when i entered the bath room i noticed something,my heart started pounding fast,my eyes widened i ran out of the bathroom skiding on the door mat screaming "cockroach!". yes, it was a cockroach the dirtiest creature that could possily be alive. There wasn't one but two.My father got hold of my school shoes from under the sofa.I tried to grab it out of him,i couldn't imagine wearing the same school shoes that was used to kill the cockroach..My mother walked out of the kitchen asking whether it was "cockroach season"since she found 3 under the kitchen cabinet I wondered how it was supposed to be a joke,the food that i ate came from the same kitchen.The 3 cockroaches put up a good fight with my father. But in the end my almighty father crushed them under my shoes.After seeing the 5th cockroah dead i felt relieved.I sank down on the sofa to watch some t.v when suddenly i spotted 6 cockroaches coming out of my bed room one by one like they were making war upon us, to conquer our territory.Once again my father picked up his weapon,my shool shoes, and then the 6 cockroaches were dead.I couldn't bear to see any more cockroaches die at the hands of the terminator(my father)so i decided to go to bed.When i was lying down something flew above my head i thought it was just a moth and ignoired then it flew again.This time i decided to check. i slowly peeked under the bed .It was not a sight that i wanted to see 3 cockroaches roamed under the bed. I called my father he came running with my shoe in his hands.I could see that he gained pleasue from killig the cockroaches .The 3 were killed .I switched off the lights hoping that i won't see a cockroach on top of my nose the following morning.Some where beneath the sofa ,the cabinet and the bed there lurks the undead preparing themselves for the worst.

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