August 13, 2008
A girl died from my school a couple weeks ago. Her name was Nicole. It’s unreal. Life isn’t fair. I’ve always known that but certain things make you realize it so much more. I don’t understand why people have to die, especially people like her. She was so beautiful, and nice, and happy. So many people liked her. Why her? She had already had such a hard life, she lived through all of the hard things, and she came out of all the tough spots. But she was still grateful everyday for what she had. Why did god make her life so hard if she couldn’t even experience all of the great things out of life? I barely knew her, but at her memorial I couldn’t stop crying. The church was filled with different people from different groups of friends. It was weird to think that she made an impact in all of our lives. She brought us all together. She died from a car accident. She wasn’t drinking, speeding, or on drugs. It was just a freak accident. It’s weird to think that if she wasn’t in that car that morning she would still be here, living, breathing. She had so much to live for. So many more people to meet, and so many more lives to change. It’s weird to think that next year there will be one less junior than we would have started with this year. One less classmate. She won’t be in my French class next year, we won’t do presentations together. It’s just a weird thing to grasp. I think bad things like this make you realize how important life is and how fast it goes by. How for one minute life is fun and great and the next your world can turn upside down. I’ve learned to appreciate life more, and invite anyone into your circle of friends. Cherish every moment and capture it, either with a camera, pastels, a music note, even just with your mind. Remember your old friends, and make the effort to reconnect. Life has no erasers, you can't turn back time. You never know if you will get one more chance, but try anyways. Live for the people that can’t, and be grateful everyday for the life you have.

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