Blue Bird

August 3, 2008
By Hialry Sinclair, Pittsburgh, PA

Ready to go
But you don't want me to
You want me to act older
Well let me leave
I want to explore
I wanna do so much more
Then just sit around and do nothing

I don't want to be like anyone else
I wanna be my own me
So let me fly
Away from this nest today
I want to be a blue bird
And fly high in the sky
Never wanting to come down
From this high

Feeling so free
Then you call me
Out of my daydream
Back to the boring
I wanna be me nd no one else
Stop judging me
I want to be free
To explore the depths of the sea

I don't want to be like
Anyone else
I wanna be my own me
So let me free
Let me swim, climb,
Go to the highest height
To find
The real me
The way I feel inside

Now that I know
Finally I know
What's in me
Finally I get to SING!
Because that's me

The author's comments:
Hey this is Hilary.

This is a song that I wrote. On Teen Ink (which I have just discovered) I have writen another song. It's called "Butterflies". This song and "Butterflies" are just two of the many I will be submit to Teen Ink. Tell me if you hate it, love it, or even if you feel it.

Thanks a Bunch!!!

Hilary Sinclair

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