The Magic of Starbucks

August 3, 2008
By Kendra Guinness, Ringoes, NJ

“Tall mocha frappuccino!”

I picked up my drink and took a sip. I let the cool mocha flavor seep into my tongue. Then I went to join my brother who had selected a table for us. Quiet jazz tunes played in the background. It was early in the morning, and not many people were in the room.

“I got us some fruit to split,” I said as I placed the fruit cup I had purchased on the table and handed him a fork.

We began to eat and Kyle said, “So, where are we today?”

“Hmm… how about New York City?” I said.

“Good, and what are we doing?”

“We’re early for my acting class.” I took another sip of my frappuccino.

Kyle then began to tell me all about what he and my mom were going to do in the city that day while I was at class. I sighed; this was the magic of Starbucks. They all looked alike, so as long as your back was to the door, you could pretend you were wherever you wanted to be. Kyle and I turned our backs to the doctors and nurses outside, and pretended we were not in Tampa General Hospital.

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