My Friend and me

July 31, 2008
My friend’s name is Lanaya Johnson. Lanaya is like family; she is like my blood cousin. Lanaya is a goofy person just like me. Her height is 5’3. She is half Indian, and she got long black hair that stops at the middle of her back.

We met in the 3rd grade. I met her because of Ms. Pappas told me to go down to the main office to go and get her. I knew it was going to be hard for her because she was a new student coming from Florida. “Hi my name is LeNia, what is yours?” I questioned her. “Lanaya.” She replied. “It’s nice to meet you LeNia.” She answered politely. “It’s nice to meet you too Lanaya.” I said. “This is your mom?” I asked curiously. “Yes, this is my mom Ms. Shawny.” She replied again. “Mom this is LeNia.” Lanaya said again. “It’s nice to meet you LeNia.” She Answered. “It’s nice to meet you too, Ms. Shawny.” I Replied.

Ms. Shawny, Lanaya, and I all took the elevator upstairs to the 3rd floor, so we can introduce her to Ms. Pappas and the other classmates. Lanaya and I both said, “Do you want to be my friend.” At the same time. “Yeah!” We yelled at each other. Then I questioned, “ What do you like?” “Winter fresh gum.” Me too. “I like shrimp scampi.” She answered. Right after that we started naming all the stuff we liked.

Then it was time for lunch. It was Friday, which means we have pizza every Friday. We sat together with the rest of my friends, and then we all started to introduce each other to Lanaya. My other friends were Aneerah, Shonne, Ahjah, and etc. Lanaya started to tell me about her family. Then I started to tell her about my family.

It was time for math. Our math teacher was Ms. Logan. I told Lanaya all the concepts and things learned in math. “Ms. Logan this is Lanaya.” I said proudly. “My name is Ms. Logan.” She answered. “LeNia you can show Lanaya where to sit, or she can sit anywhere.” Ms. Logan assumed. There was an empty seat near me so Lanaya sat next to me. We were practicing multiplication. The time went by so fast, that it was time for reading and writing in Ms. Pappas’s class. We were talking about how to make our stories more interesting. The time was kind of slow in reading and writing class. But then it was time to leave.

It was coming to the end of the day. We gave each other our phone numbers. Then we both said, “ Call me if you don’t call me then I will call you.” And that’s how we became friends.

Meeting Lanaya was so important to me because she was a friend that was like family. She had my back and I had her back. Also I have never met someone like her that was so like me; like we could have been twins but we’re not. Before Lanaya came I felt bored like there was another fun side of me I never discovered. But I was glad I had friends before she came though, or I would have been lonely. Yes, Lanaya was making everyday better for me. She was making everyday better for me because when ever I was sad or she was sad we would build each other up, not tear each other down. I wanted to write about Lanaya because she was an inspiration for me, and I was an inspiration for her.

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