When I was a toddler

July 29, 2008
By Kendra Nerad, Saint Ansgar, IA

When I was a little toddler, I never embaressed anybody, but one time when would really irritate some people. A time that I irritated my sister was when I would always get into her make-up, and she would get so mad, also when ever I would ask a question I would keep asking it over and over again, and everybody would get tired of answering the same question every time.

My sister would get upset when her boyfriend would come over, because I would never do to bed, so my sister and her boyfriend would have to come and lay down next to me until I would fall asleep. She got mad also, because her boyfriend learned to like me, so he started to take care of me and play with me and feed me and a lot of other stuff, so she got mad because he started spending less and less time with her.

My personality as a toddler was shy and insecure, but only because I have a broken family, so sometimes I could get really snotty. I would also be snotty because I never had a mother around to teach me to be nice and to have good manners.

As the rest of my family said, I grew up good without my mom around, and I might have been a snot or a brat but I have a good heart!

One thing cute that I did and looked like was when my sister April would do my hair in a funny way, which made me look like Bam - Bam off of the Flinstones. Even when I would get really mad, I would spit my binky/pacifire, out a couple of feet so I could people attentions.

I never got potty trained until I was about "4" because my mom was in a car axcident, so I was going to different places all the time. So nobody ever took the time to stop and potty train me.

My babysitters were usually my sisters, Jamie, Dawn, and some other friends of my moms. While my mom went to college, some of her friends would watch me, but other time my sister would end up watching me, so I always ended up being at home all the time. But the good thing was, that being at home all the time didn't bother me because I loved my house.

when I turned about "5" years old, my dads friend Jamie would babysit me. I always got really excited when my dad would say that she was gonna babysit me because I loved it when she did!!! She would always let me sit in my most favorite Pooh chair, and always right before bed she would read me my most favorite book in the whole entire world! and that was the "Night Time CareBears" book. Every single night that Jamie would babysit me she would read me that same book, until I would fall asleep in my big red bunk bed.

Some things that I liked to do as a toddler was ride my bicycle, and let my sister do my hair and make-up, to make me look like a princces. I even liked to go on long walks and I LOVED coloring, but I never did color on the walls. The number "1" favorite thing that I LOVED to do was play my "Reader Rabbit and Winnie The Pooh" learning games on the computer. I also liked trying to type on my Winnie the Pooh keyboard, but I never knew what I was doing.

My favorite foods were Spegttios with meatballs and chicken nuggets with ranch. I loved my ranch, and I could never eat enough of it!

My natrual hair color was a type of dirty dish water blond, with a lot of brown streeks going threw it. I also had big blue eyes, along witha nice big smile.

A nature about me, was that I was also really shy, until I would get to know the person who I am shy of. I would always hate it when I would hurt somebodys feelings.
I would always feel really bad and guilty, so I was usually a quiet little girl, except for at daycare. My best friends at daycare was Abbie, Taylor, and Rylie.

I also had horrible pernounciation when I was a little toddler, and so my family would always tease me about that and I really hated it!

The earliest memory that I have is that there was a guy named Mariano, and he had "2" boys around my age and they lived right accross the from my moms house, so everyday I would run over to there house to play! It was always so fun, and then I started to get a little crush on the oldest boy, and before I knew it, they had to move away, and I "SOOO" sad!!! :(

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