My Love for animals

June 25, 2008
I know most girls at my age or younger are going to say they love animals, but I have a reason to. I have 16 dogs, 5 cats, and a tarantula. Most of our dogs were strays and we took them in. Three of our cats came from the humane society and so did four of our dogs. Most people ask me, how can you have all those pets and care for them so much, I would forget their names?! I could never forget their names. Most of our dogs are mixes or mutts. I don't care if they are ugly because to me all that matters is their personality. My tarantula is very interesting. She eats cricketts and can go for over three months without them. I love having her in my room, shes kind of like a decoration, but I really think of her as a pet. I, of course, do not care for them on my own, not even close! I feed the dogs and cats and clean the liter boxes and other stuff like that. My parents do most of the dirty work, but I have done it some. I know that having all these pets may seem weird, but we care for them, keep them healthy, and love them with all of our hearts. I hate seeing or hearing about animals getting abused, they are helpless and should never ever be treated that way. Love them and they love you back!

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