The parrot of Acre Woods

June 10, 2008
“Rack! Rack!” The extremely loud sound echoed in the almost- dark woods. All of the sudden an enormous bird flew over my head. Was the world ending? No! I followed the ghostly shadow as it glided over the trees.

I can still remember the day that the green macaw from South America had flown into my forest-like backyard; its high pitched cries claming its freedom.

The next day as I wondered into the darkened woods, I saw her, her green feathers glistened in the mid–morning sun. “Isn’t any one going to claim this beautiful bird?” I thought. In the days that followed no one was to see this colorful bird, only its pitiful cries were heard.

“Wrack! Wrack!” I heard the sound again. “Was I ever going to catch it or at least see this sneaky bird,” I wondered?

That night as I prepared for bed I heard the “Wrack Wrack” again but this time it was repeated over and over again until I got dizzy from hearing it.

“Dad! “ I screamed “can you come here a minute? “
“ Get your boots on.” he answered.
“Yes!” I knew what this meant.

So in the dark, bats flying over head we followed the screechy noise. All of the sudden a flutter of wings was heard. My dad turned on his flashlight toward the night sky; a gray shadow flew under the stars.
I knew that shadow, just looking at it made me shiver.

Was it the parrot?


My dad told me it was a screeching owl. We saw the owl, but the disappearance of the parrot of Acre woods still remains a mystery. It hasn’t been seen by any one ever since.

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