Death Do Us Part

June 7, 2008
By Shannen Smith, Longreach, ZZ

I am woken in fright, the words that my parents so slowly tell me that the guardian of my heart and soul is dying. There is nothing I can do they say, it is not your fault but how can I believe this when I the one that she truly looked up to let her down. My mind tries to piece together this terrible accident, all the things that I dreamed in my nightmares had come true. I search for her in every area where is she part of my brain is begging to believe that she is waiting for me somewhere in the bush but the other part of my brain knows that if she were alive that she would be right here, by my side.

The day draws on to the end where night will come and this horrible day will be finally over and when I wake this will all just be a bad dream, I hope. My fears have reached me although I wished they hadn’t, I wish I had more time to prepare myself but nothing could have prepared me for this. There she lay so still, lifeless, her face which was so happy is now so…..empty. I know the pain is over for her but for me it will continue in my mind knowing every morning I wake she won’t be there to greet me. I fall to my knees crying, the ants are crawling through her body I try to push them always but there is no use I beg please, please.

As I lay her to rest in the ground next to her soccer ball that she loved so dearly my heart pounds, my cheeks are cold from the tears rolling down my cheek. We burry her, I lay with her wondering how am I to go through each day without her there to protect me from danger and play with when the day is almost gone. Every night I cry, the bottom of my bed is cold where her warm body use to lay. I cry please forgive me, please forgive me for not being there, please forgive me. Every day I told her I will love her until death do us part, unfortunately it has but I still love her and will never, ever forget her.

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