Mustard vs. Ketchup

May 28, 2008
By Molly McIntyre, Wales, WI

One bright, sunny Saturday, Kevin and Mackenzie were playing outside with me, Mustard, Mackenzie’s cat.

An hour after Kevin and Mackenzie had been playing with me, Kevin’s Wiener dog, Ketchup, got out of the house and began to chase me.

Kevin ran to his front yard and saw Ketchup running after me.

“Kevin, you have to do something for my poor mustard,” said Mackenzie.

“Do not worry Mackenzie, I’ll save her,” Kevin yelled.

I was hoping Ketchup would not catch me because then I knew what would happen next.

In the back of my mind all I could think about was Ketchup biting my tail and making me feel prickly all over.

At first, Kevin thought it was funny watching his dog chase me, but then he saw Mackenzie crying and figured he had better do something about the situation.

Kevin ran after Ketchup screaming his name and finally Ketchup came running back to Kevin just in time to save my life.

Mackenzie could not be any more thankful for saving my life. And to this day Kevin, Mackenzie, Ketchup, and I take a daily walk through the park.

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