In the Powder Room of my Aunt's House

March 24, 2008
Ok, I'm writing here becasue i'm afraid my looney aunt is going to come up to me if i go outside and ambush me with one of thoe hideous poly-fiber blend sweaters she swears are cool. I mean, it should be illegal to have dressed up bears on your clothing unless you work at Build-A-Bear or something. I'm also writing here becasue my cousin Jack might come up behind me and beg me to come on a hike with him. As if. I'm from New York, the closest thing to wilderness is the Bronx or Central Park. And here I am visiting my mom's weird side family in Indiana! I can't even beieve I brought my good Marc Jacobs bag along.I must've ben out of my mind. I should have brought a fanny pack, some Skechers, a Hanes t-shirt, some tube socks, and some high rise washed out jeans to blend into these surroundings.

And the silence. The worst part is the silence. I'm used to Italian cab drivers yelling out their windows; as if that's gonna help the traffic. Here, i can't go to sleep. Its just too peaceful for my liking. I'm pretty sure that if i had to LIVE here, i would go mad. I just can't believe I'm here when i should be at the Hamptons with Joanne

Well, gotta go, my psycho aunt is knocking on the door and offering me some iced tea [who drinks that??!! i need a mocha lattee...PRONTO!]

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