She Could Have Been Anything

March 17, 2008
She could have been anything. She could have pursued any career she wanted and excelled in it with ease, but she didn’t. She followed her heart.

The woman I am about to explain to you is not like most women; she is incredible. She is intelligent in every way imaginable, and I am not just talking about book smart. She is just naturally smart.

Artistic enough, she can draw, paint, and create just about anything. She is experienced enough to easily be counselor. She knows enough about animals to be a vet. She doesn’t fuss over blood and guts so she could have done anything medical. Once she even lanced the cysts off her goats and cleaned the puss out. She knows many medical terms but did not attend school for that.

She is as beautiful and petite as any model, but she would never admit that. She is a very modest person yet is always the first person noticed in a room full of people. She has great taste in clothing. She has big, light blue eyes that stand out, and short, rich, dark brown hair. She has such fair skin you could easily mistake her for a teenager at first glance.

Without studying, she scored a 29 on her ACT. She went to college and planned to major in biology, but she met a guy. Instead of pursuing her career she took a different path. She married at age 20 and had her first child on New Year’s Day. Some may think she should have finished college and had a high status job title like many others, but what would be the point if you are not happy or satisfied with your life?

You would never be able to walk a day in her shoes. You may be able to relate but never be able to experience her life. Because she is very experienced, she is smart, and also because she listens. After all, she believes children are smarter than adults because they remain optimistic. Because she is wise, it’s funny to watch her play with her pet frogs. She can be very childlike.

When you talk to most adults, they do not direct their whole attention to you. She focuses on you and listens intently. You can tell she respects you and also respects your opinions. She would never judge you, would always keep a secret, and never promise anything unless she knew she could keep it. Looking into her eyes, it feels like she can see your soul and knows exactly what you are thinking and how you are feeling. She always knows when something is wrong or slightly out of place. When you’re upset, she will always be there to listen but always ready to give you your space and privacy. You always feel relieved after you talk to her.

She is so caring she would never turn anyone away if they needed her, even a stranger. After all, she is known for helping old people find what’s on their entire grocery lists at random stores.

She has the best advice but usually never takes it. She is a mother and counselor to all of her co-workers. Everyone knows they can confide in her. She is always busy. She works all day and is constantly on the go. She is known for putting full days in at work at a time and taking naps in closets for breaks during busy seasons. She is a very reliable person, and you always know she will do things right.

She is a great mother and wife. She gives privileges to her son which most kids never see until they are out of the house, although she never has a need to worry about him but still does anyway. The most important thing to her besides family is trust, and that is why she is such a successful mother. The only thing she asks for is the truth. If you make a mistake, it is okay, as long as you are honest. She always reminds us that in this world all you have is your word. She is one of those people you would never want to disappoint because you care for them and respect them too much. She builds such a great relationship with you; you would never want to do anything to hurt her.

She accepts life and the little, and big, mishaps that happen. You have to be ready for anything. You can not prevent faith from happening.

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