I am the Cat, It's the Owner!

July 22, 2008
I have a cat. (That was shockingly obvious from the title. Duh! Stupid me.) Her name is Dottie. She is really old. I mean like really old. So naturally like an senior citizen, she just lies around. Sleeps, eats, and poops. That was all I ever got from her.

So one day, fairly annoyed with the lazy cat, I got a kitten from my neighbor. I wanted a new pet, something that would actually play, and do all the cat stuff that cats do. (I don't actually know what it would be. I know that they do some meowing though. Keep in mind my cat never received Best-Role-Model-For-Cats award.) So me and this little kitten, that is all gray with white boots (Totally adorable!) were playing with a string.

Out of nowhere (Well not completely out of nowhere. She is just a cat people, not a sorcerer), Dottie comes. It was totally hilarious because she just takes one look at the kitten, hiss, and leaves. I was still looking at her wondering what the heck my cat just did. (And if I should call a priest to bless her.) When I turn around to find that the kitten was gone. It ran out the door. Gone.

I learned 3 lessons that day.
1) Don't make the cat (well that cat anyway) get up to scare a kitten away. The next morning I found a not to pleasant present in my shoe. I'll give you a hint. It was home-made and it came out of her butt.
2) Don't make any cat get up to scare away a kitten. They never found that poor cat. For all we know it can be in Montreal. (I don't know what it would be doing in Canada. It was the first thing that came into my head.)
3) I am the Cat, It's the Owner. And the Owner decided against anymore pets!

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