If I Were a Bird I Would Fly

March 8, 2008
I look to the front of the classromand my mind starts to driftand I can't help but let it. I can't help but thinkwhat am I to doas I leave this island, grow up, get an education, and then a job? I just look outside the window and then I observe the young bird chirping happily, an animal that is a part of nature, and is one with nature. I wonder if only I were a bird because if I were I would want to fly away. I would fly off into the sunset, over the endless blue Paciffic Ocean that goes on for thousands of miles, living life I want it to be. If only life could be that simple, freee of expectations of who you have to be, rather than be who you are. If only I were that bird that I see as I sit inside this unbearable classroom, if only it were true. I would have many endless days filled with adventure and freedom breeze through my wings as I travel through out the world. I would fly off and leave this place, nevert to return!!
If only I were a bird, if only....

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