March 7, 2008
By emily r, Glendale, CA

I still have hope.
Hope that I will find someone who will ever care for me as much as he did. The one who will cheer me up when I am down. Be at my side when I need him the most. Tell me I'm beautiful even when I'm at my worst. He will protect me from hardships I'll face in life. He'll tell me everything will be alright even when it's not at that moment. He won't be afraid to tell me how he really feels. He'll place his hands around my waist ant tell me he loves me. And truly mean it. He'll make me feel as though we are the only two people left on Earth. That I am the most important person in his life, and that he'd die without me. He'll make sure I am safe and be there for me no matter what. When I'm with him there's no other place I'll rather be. And when I'm not, I can hardly wait until I see him again. Being in his arms will feel like nothing else in the whole world exists. This I know will happen again...someday

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