I Look Off From the Highest Peaks of Life

March 3, 2008
I look off from the highest peeks of life, admiring all the favors nature granted me. The sun’s light glow smiles upon me; the soft breeze whispers the secrets of life into my ear. The mighty ocean beckons my name with a sweet chorus of waves and draw me towards the emotions of the sea. The majestic mountains cry towards the heavens, singing of all that happens below them. The wise sycamore tree tells of the beauty and grace which life bestows upon him. The bird’s kind melody flows through my soul and touches my heart. The skies clear and endless; their delicate clouds guard me from a storm of pain and fear. Yet the clouds forgiving shelter wore away and thrust upon me a storm of ongoing agony.

From the highest peeks of life I watch as the beloved gifts of nature become forgotten memories of the past. The furious storm twists the flawless blue skies into an eruption of rage. The innocent bird’s melody becomes a cry of torment and suffering. The suns glow evolves into a fire which burns my heart and torturous my soul. The soft breeze is now brittle and harsh; it shrieks to me so that I escape from the murderous storm. Fear claws into my flesh and shred my gut into pieces. As fear deceived me, it seemed as though my life was coming to an end and I begun to slide down the peek, but a faint glow in my heart halted my fears. I climbed higher up the peeks of life and saw a more beautiful sight than before. Because precious life must not be thrown away at the first shake of fear.

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